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Beautiful HaiKou 海口, HaiNan Island

HǎiKǒu, known as the 'Coconut City', is the capital of semi-tropical HaiNan province in south China; a port city on the island's north coast, facing the mainland.

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Sanya 三亚 bay, HaiNan island

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Surfing at WanNing, HaiNan 海南 island

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The beautiful `Thousand Island Lake` 千岛湖

QianDao Hu, ZheJiang province; not far from HangZhou ...

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A stay in tropical SanYa 三亚, HaiNan 海南 island

Filmed in 2007

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Scenes from SanYa 三亚, HaiNan

China's tropical paradise island ...

An introductory guide to HaiNan 海南 island province

Explore this tropical island with CCTV's Travelogue ...

Hot Springs Spa Resort, SanYa 三亚 Bay, HaiNan island

A wonderful place to kick back, relax and chill ...

A trip to HaiNan 海南 tropical paradise island province

HaiNan ('South Sea') island is the southern-most part of China.

The beach at SanYa 三亚 Bay, HaiNan island

This tropical island is the southern-most part of China. Video by alcogolix. The original was too dark.

Sanya Bay, HaiNan 海南 island - video

A tropical island increasingly popular as a holiday destination.

HaiKou beach, HaiNan 海南 island

A look at the peaceful HaiKou beach on the tropical island of HaiNan, the southern-most part of China ...

PuTuo Mountain 普陀山, ZheJiang province

With CCTV's Travelogue. PǔTuóShān is one of many mountain islands south east of ShangHai, and one of the four sacred mountains in Chinese Buddhism. It can be reached by boat from NingBo or ShangHai, or by plane from BeiJing and ShangHai. There are sandy beaches at the shoreline and about 30 temples on the mountain, plus a 30 meter tall statue of GuanYin, the Goddess of Mercy.

Surfing around HaiNan 海南 island - video

A look at surfing, kite surfing and roller-blading around HaiNan Island, the southern-most province of China.

The beauty of ChongMing Island - video

ChongMing Island is a 1,000 square kilometer island near ShangHai. The island was formed by alluvial deposits in the YangTse river delta. It is connected to Shanghai by a tunnel and a bridge, about 25km in length. One can also take a boat. The peaceful island retains the charms of old Shanghai and is also noted for its wetlands and forests.

SanYa, HaiNan 海南 : tropical resort

HaiNan province is a tropical island in south China. SanYa lies at the southern end of HaiNan and has become a popular tourist destination. A 108 meter Buddhist statue of GuanYin in SanYa, completed in May 2005, is one of the tallest statues in the world. YaLong Bay is a 7.5 kilometer beach located southeast of the city of SanYa.

High-speed Hong Kong 香港

Travel through Hong Kong at around 500 - 800 km / hour ...

HaiNan 海南 : tropical paradise

From tropical jungle to golden beaches and luxury hotels ...

The BiJiaShan tidal island - video

Time-lapse. The 1620-meter land bridge to the tidal island of BiJiaShan is a rare natural wonder. The land bridge is totally exposed only at low tides on the 1st and 15th days of the lunar month.

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