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FuZhou 福州, provincial capital of FuJian

[video v=_20sK5hYQxg]

Bonus film - SongKou Town of FuZhou ...

[video v=xmJD0Dn_tDY]

Beautiful FuZhou 福州

Provincial capital of FuJian ...

[video v=V_696pcWO_8]

Bonus film - fast forward FuJian province ...

[video v=jmrjawcKggg start=3:50 stop=6:30]

FuZhou 福州 in timelapse

Provincial capital of FuJian, east China.

[video v=7M04BZJ8R0Y] [video v=yogo4cfIyyQ]


Summer in the city, ShangHai 上海 – flash mob

Into the way-back machine - two great videos from 2010 - 2012 (not HD, but feel the vibe) ...

ShangHai and FuZhou (capital of FuJian province) ...

Bad Romance, Jai Ho, Rolling on the River, and more ...

[video v=DlNYfAxEWKs]
[video v=1MCnnEjv3fg]

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