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Hong Kong 香港 coastal hike – the other / wild side of HK …

[video v=FtAH_XjhLb0]

Bonus film - big city Hong Kong trip ...

[video v=pE98p8-70KY]

‘Our first month in HaiNan 海南 (paradise)’ …

Studying in HaiKou 海口, the capital of the island province.

[video v=UR47Z6ieDJA]

Sanya 三亚 bay, HaiNan island

[video v=tW4wKZOcPio]

BeiJing 北京 beach !

In ChaoYang Park, on the east side of BeiJing city ...

[video v=eSZFQrvVsA8 start=50]

Scenes from ShangHai 上海 2012

Including NanXiang GuYi garden, PuDong, day view from the Bund, night view from the Bund, a beach on the coast not far from Shanghai ...

[video v=tX-1sx-DOFY] [video v=_nkDWW_2iEw] [video v=1i5BENB8jsg] [video v=zR-C0bnrw-E] [video v=Va3gvfCWmrg start=360]

The beach at SanYa 三亚 Bay, HaiNan island

This tropical island is the southern-most part of China. Video by alcogolix. The original was too dark.

HaiKou beach, HaiNan 海南 island

A look at the peaceful HaiKou beach on the tropical island of HaiNan, the southern-most part of China ...

Kite Surfing in XiaMen 厦门 - video

XiaMen is a port city in FuJian province, east China. It is widely regarded as a pleasant city, with fine beaches. This film looks at the KiteBoard Tour of Asia in 2009; first stop in XiaMen.

The beaches of Hong Kong 香港

Hong Kong has quite a few beaches and some of these are very nice ...

Relaxing on a beach, HaiNan 海南

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