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ShangHai 上海 – an aerial and historical guide

A fascinating look at the extraordinary history and transformation of ShangHai.

With China Central TV (CCTV). Narrated by Owen Grant.

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Bonus film - sailing along the HuangPu River at night, between the Bund in PuXi (west of the river) and PuDong (east of the river).

The most well known area of PuDong is the LuJiaZui finance and trade zone that includes the ShangHai Stock Exchange and many of ShangHai's highest buildings, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Jin Mao Tower, the ShangHai World Financial Center, and the ShangHai Tower. These modern skyscrapers directly face PuXi's historic Bund (meaning embankment), a remnant of former foreign concessions. PuDong also includes the Port of ShangHai, the ShangHai World Expo site and Century Park, ShangHai PuDong International Airport, the JiuDuanSha Wetland Nature Reserve, and the ShangHai Disney Resort. This 'New Area' has been established from almost nothing in just thirty years.

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Discover BeiJing 北京 – past and present

Learn more about the modern capital with a rich historical past. Welcome to the blue sky city of Beijing.

A great film by ABC7 ...

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Chinese Civilization – documentary

Discover the origins and development of China through 5,000 years of history in this fascinating and informative documentary series from CCTV (in English) ...

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An introduction to 6,000 years of Chinese art

Illustrated by works from China at the Asian Art Museum of San Frascisco, one of the largest collections of Chinese art outside China.

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The great voyages of Zheng He

Zheng He's voyages began in 1405 with enormous and technologically advanced ships, almost 100 years before the European explorers set sail ...

[video v=pzFq0Ivwz9g]

The Rainbow Bridge - video

Excellent documentary on the Rainbow Bridge that combines history (Song Dynasty, 12th century), science and culture.

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