Videos about economics, China

Business talk – Amazon and Alibaba, Apple and XiaoMi

With Pascal Coppens and Steven Van Belleghem ...

[video v=a95EZPUdWek]   Plus more videos ...



The rise of Chinese industry

With Professor Richard Wolff / Democracy At Work ...

[video v=DEq-StsO1cw]

On the Occupy Wall Street movement ...

  Plus more videos ...



Richard Wolff on the dangers of a new Cold War

[video v=O49wPyov-30]

Bonus film - with the Moderate Rebels and Daniel Dumbrill ...

  Plus more videos ...



Richard Wolf on the rise of China and the history of the last 100 years

From one of the worlds poorest countries, ravaged by colonialism and war, to today - moderately prosperous, without poverty, and with a deep culture and happy life.

With professor Richard Wolf.

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[video v=XpD0Im5d9-c start=18:10]

The economics of Western imperialism

Moderate Rebels talks with professor Michael Hudson ...

[video v=paUgY6SGlgY]

Give someone a fish and they can eat for a day.

Teach them to fish and they can eat for a lifetime.

Loan them enough to buy a fish and one can then take everything they have.

Financial control is the new slavery.

"New World Order" is neo-liberalism and Western hegemony (empire) - neo-feudalism.


America versus everyone

Mindsets (history and philosophy) and economics (trade and wealth distribution).

Jeff Sachs talks with Rob Johnson about the current tragedy (doom) of US geopolitics.

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[video v=A-tDj4ZGcZY]

The economics of the US new cold war on China and Russia

Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton talk with economist Michael Hudson.

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[video v=-zXtDHE4vlI]

Eric Li on China’s rise

A fascinating interview with Afshin Rattansi.

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[video v=e9bVOq0JXf8]

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