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Leadership and politics – the West compared to China

[video v=jhxsjNfnoYo]

Regarding term limits - President Xi is exceptionally well read and very much the right person at the right time, a period where China will (is) facing unprecedented attack for its success. Xi's plan is longer term and so requires a longer term limit; an extraordinary measure for extraordinary times.


Chinese democracy vs. Liberal democracy – debate

China's meritocracy versus Western Elite rule (with a 'vote' of which brand of the same thing can be made every 4 or so years). Is the Western 'vote' simply a way to get one's complicity into a governance that will never really be your side ?

Spoiler - the Western model 'wins' the debate - but it is an audience of long brainwashed Westerners - lol ; )

* Try to play. Google doesn't like to play ball with China related videos unless they are clearly anti. No thumbnail or bad sound, etc (plays ok as of 26th August 2020) ...

[video v=EwM9CuGcBgI]

Bonus video, with Professor Zhang WeiWei & Professor Timothy Ash (a Munk debate).

Which one works for an elite and which for the common people ...

  Plus more videos ...



Hong Kong and anti-China propaganda – how it works

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