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Planning war on China – part 24

Neither Russia nor China are warmongers, neither seek some kind of world domination, only protection; hegemony is very much only a fantasy of the West (the neo-feudal elites, not the people).

If either did not assist the other in time of war, they would go down soon after.

Russia has the nukes, China has the manpower and manufacturing. Only together can they withstand the imminent war.

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Planning war on China – part 18

What is called 'democracy' is elite rule; money buys power / fool the people that they have significance. 'Democracy' is the subterfuge that is capture / takeover by other means.

In the West, you don't have any real say, other than which side of the same coin is to 'represent' you.

To keep one from seeing the bigger picture, and a sense of being part of humanity, the West focuses you on personal identity (misdirection), and that you are 'free'. This is the mix of 'divide and rule', plus mental chains (beliefs) over physical chains, as the new slavery. Anyone who opens their eyes can see it, right in front of them; how one is constantly programmed. Another aspect of the control is money; that is what limits your real freedom; and refocuses your life on the material / survival. The walls and bars of our prison are internalized. To add to the confusion, these elements are projected onto the 'others'.

The bigger picture, the full reality, is kept hidden, while the focus remains on endless little bits that are easily construed a certain way. Once one sees reality, the purpose behind all the little steps that make up the 'news' becomes clear.

In the end, the West's elite can only rule with the acquiescence of the vast majority.

With The Gravel Institute ...

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In China, the people are family. In the West, the people are livestock.

Hence, China is a 'threat' to the Western elite; the threat of a good example.

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