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ShenZhen 深圳 stroll

Modern China, center of business and commerce, began here, in GuangDong province, south east China, just forty years ago, following the vision and effort of Deng XiaoPing (1904 - 1997).

Deng XiaoPing opened China to the world, as it had been during the long period of a prior golden age with the Silk Road to the Middle East and Europe (by land) and other parts of south east Asia and as far as Africa via the Silk Road of the Sea. His policies are credited with helping China to develop in the most startling transformation that the world has ever seen, raising the standard of living of hundreds of millions. This followed his Southern Tour of 1992 when the likelihood of adoption of his vision still looked slim. Deng was also a key player in the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

Too far. some might say, but without this move, the position to debate that would not now exist.

Let's take a stroll along a street in the downtown on a spring evening ...

[video v=1lXC951HI74 start=58]
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