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Silk Road of the Sea – a great stage performance

A stunning performance from the Opening Gala of the Asian Games 2010 in GuangZhou.

GuangZhou has been a major port for over 1,000 years and gateway to the Silk Road of the Sea.

[video v=1CDjEp202p4 start=30][video v=G-tAm262Gzg start=65][video v=8vVLN6_NFT8]

The 2010 Asian Games closing gala – best songs

A selection of beautiful performances from the 16th Asian Games held in GuangZhou, provincial capital of GuangDong ...

Sing Sing So - Indonesia
[video v=i57JB6lbTFw]
[video v=HkXyLIMGc00]
Sakura - Japan
[video v=hrfqQJHPZB0]
Yue Guang Guang - China
[video v=QKw4bq0yNwc]
[video v=heFFiMheQpc]
Happy Journey
[video v=rAnZal6Qqi8]
Mongani by Gupta Tanya & Ravi Tripathi
[video v=2wSYDwhu4LQ]
Sunshine Again
[video v=yjaUFN81Oug]
[video v=WykByaD5duM]


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