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Homemade tea eggs and milk tea


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GuiZhou country girl – a day in the life

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HangZhou 杭州 / LongJi 龙脊 tea culture

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Pu’Er 普洱 National Park, plus local customs and tea culture

Pu'Er lies in south YunNan province, south China, not far from the borders with Myanmar and Laos, and is home to a number of ethnic groups. This area is rich in vegetation and wildlife.

Pu'Er gives its name to a popular variety of fermented, aged, dark tea with a strong, earthy flavor.

Pu'Er is about a four to five hours' drive from the provincial capital, KunMing.

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BeiJing 北京 tea house

Sticker Travel stop for tea in BeiJing ...

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