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ShangHai 上海 to BeiJing 北京 by high speed rail

The second video shows the overnight sleeper train.

[video v=xvytUaRs2dU] [video v=iZsTtlUnink]

China railways

The first film is directed by Zhang Yimou

The second film includes some excellent CGI and also shows the importance of rail for freight.

The third film features the QingHai - Tibet line, the world's highest. The cabins are pressurized with extra oxygen on the highest stretches.

[video v=Y1zm34G-jzA]
[video v=TdBosg5Bf5Q start=41]
[video v=UB7RsxopDwc]

Lhasa 拉萨 to XiNing 西宁 on the world’s highest railway

Stunning landscapes; awesome technology ...

[video v=FARFPdFLO7o start=13]

The high-speed train from BeiJing 北京 to TianJin 天津

Reaching around 330km/hr.

Departs from the huge new Beijing South railway station.

[video v=L8avSXv8bSs]

The MagLev train in ShangHai 上海

The magnetic levitation TransRapid line links Shanghai International Airport with the city center.

[video v=IT-mVT-ORww]

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