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Beautiful GuiLin 桂林 countryside drive

A late afternoon trip through the famous karst peaks, plus views of the Li River at sunset. GuangXi province.

[video v=vRxxeoI3bAU]

Motorbiking in the outskirts of BeiJing 北京

In the mountains to the west and north of Beijing ...

[video v=ItF8meZcyEQ]
[video v=9AcW2GkfH-Y]
[video v=AOFuDVnrOlU]
[video v=dyWYa3ygqTo]

A trip to GuiLin 桂林 and YangShuo 阳朔, GuangXi province

A lovely film.

Includes bamboo rafting on the Li River, hot-air ballooning, cycling through the countryside, hiking at the LongSheng rice terraces and the evening show Impressions of YangShuo, set on the water.

[video v=j31Q-iaDuxI start=27]

A ride through Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia is that part of China which lies along the south and east borders of Mongolia.

This film shows some typically beautiful Inner Mongolian countryside (from a coach window) ...

[video v=JIlfPQIu58k]

Motorbike and sidecar trip around BeiJing 北京

Including the countryside around Beijing and the Great Wall.

[video v=gyCuo48iJsY]

Beautiful countryside : from BeiJing to SiMaTai 司马台 Great Wall - video

Share in the journey through beautiful countryside as a group of side-cars ride from Beijing to the Great Wall at Simatai. Film by :

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