Videos about Miao, China

Exploring LiuZhou 柳州 and the surrounding countryside, GuangXi province

[video v=Yc_30d7zwyU]

A Miao herbal medicine man in GuiZhou 贵州 – documentary

[video v=Ak1BDj15R_A]

This is GuiZhou 贵州 province

GuìZhōu is a mountainous province in south China known for its ancient rural villages and diverse ethnic minority groups, including the Miao, Bai and Dong.

[video v=4wTZ7j7Djso]   Plus more videos ...



GuiZhou 贵州 province – Travelogue

Explore GuiZhou; in particular, the villages and culture of the Miao ethnic people.

With CCTV's Travelogue ...

[video v=qbWfEL3J1Jc]
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