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ZhouZhuang 周庄 scenes

ZhouZhuang water town lies near to both SuZhou and ShangHai, in JiangSu province ...

[video v=WnUyqrqIWEU]

A drive around YunNan province

Plus drone footage ...

[video v=7vylUAIwaLk]

The magical scenery of GuangXi 广西 – from GuiLin 桂林 to YangShuo 阳朔

Sailing along the Li River and YuLong River, among beautiful karst mountain peaks ...

[video v=uXsNC1_gbcY]   Plus more videos ...



Beautiful natural scenery in north west China (north XinJiang 新疆)

North XinJiang province, including Kanas Lake.

Awesome ...

[video v=pzHBCWyi1wA]

Beautiful scenery around WuSu 乌苏 in XinJiang province

Far north west China ...

[video v=AFJVhF5F6B4]

GuiLin 桂林 scenery, GuangXi province

[video v=oaamTdzruoA]

JiuZhaiGou 九寨沟 and HuangLong 黄龙 scenery, SiChuan province

Clear pools and waterfalls ...

[video v=YF-sYhRnYns]

Beautiful scenes at HuangShan 黄山

The Yellow Mountain in AnHui province ...

[video v=ttLWTZZmc3g start=61]

Beautiful scenery around YangShuo 阳朔 and GuiLin 桂林

GuangXi province, in south China

[video v=T-h9akUZXE8 start=44]

Flight of the dragon

An overview of China's wonderful scenery.

Yessian Soars Over China in this epic ride film at Happy Valley Theme Park in Shanghai. Directed by Super 78.

[video v=yezmC8BI_OQ start=10]

YunNan 云南 scenery slideshow

Video : China : YunNan 云南 scenery slideshow

Beautiful ...

PoYang Lake 襄阳湖 scenery, JiangXi province

Video : China : PoYang Lake 襄阳湖 scenery, JiangXi province

The largest fresh water lake in China and an important stop over for migrating birds. Beautiful nature ...

Beautiful GuangXi 广西 province (1) - video

Video : China : Beautiful GuangXi 广西 province (1) - video

Breath-taking landscapes ...

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