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ShaoGuan valley 韶关谷 and the DanXia mountain 丹霞山

Beautiful scenery in GuangDong province.

With CCTV's Travelogue ...

[video v=-60TiKgb9po]
[video v=wA9ShKx7fEE]

The wonderful waterfalls of JiuZhaiGou 九寨沟

A scenic area / nature reserve in SiChuan province.

Also, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

[video v=T1he2Jk0nNU start=61 stop=350]

Zip-line across a valley at SiMaTai Great Wall 司马台长城

Between the two halves of the Simatai Great wall lies a steep sided valley with a small reservoir.

One way to cross is by zip line, as shown here (another way is via a high suspension bridge).

[video v=stavnN7nqtg]

Beautiful scenes at JiuZhaiGou 九寨沟 valley, SiChuan province

Cyan lakes, wonderful waterfalls and verdant forests ...

[video v=omTJ5As9y-Q]


Beautiful JiuZhaiGou 九寨沟 Valley, SiChuan

Exquisitely beautiful ...

[video v=TcvtwXdsDJE]

An episode of Happy Chinese at JiuZhaiGou ...

[video v=YalLB8IBUq4]

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