The US / UK / West’s economic war on China

If only the West would learn from China the way that China learns from the West.

The difference between the American Dream and the Chinese Dream ? The Chinese Dream is being built while the American Dream is pure Hollywood (just a dream / fiction). One can only ever be for a few while the other is for all. Is it money or people that is the fundamental value ?

Western 'freedom' is a system where the majority will be poor, to pay for spreading that 'freedom' (control / global hegemony) worldwide. The neo-colonial nations aim to keep the rest of the world down - and this supremacist agenda has caused endless wars and famines worldwide.

The difference between the West and China is that China thinks long-term and innovates, while the West just tries to cling onto its 'supremacy' and is hence declining.

The West's economic detachment is the first step to a hot war.

With Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson ...


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