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ShenZhen 深圳 – city of the future (documentary)

A look at how the city of ShenZhen is leading the way in robots, electric vehicles and solar powered charging stations, plus an automated parking solution ...

[video v=1TZh9f7Ai9M]

Bonus films - aerial view of ShenZhen by drone ...

[video v=7a5A7ceSZTM][video v=FWFhEfyLw1w]

plus, driving around ShenZhen ...

[video v=QxmVuCVMg68][video v=rBxYbcYPbvY]

Green technology and China’s unprecedented urbanisation

Documentary by GizMag that looks at the SAIC auto company and its role at the Shanghai Expo.

In addition, the film also looks at China's remarkable rise as a manufacturing and technical powerhouse, with its eye firmly on the future.

[video v=pObxCXhf9-E]

This 20 minute film is highly recommended.


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