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Ben Norton on US trade tariffs – don’t miss it

All the West's attempts to retain hegemony will only hasten its demise.

YT comment : "Free market for others; protectionism for us. That's the imperialist mantra."

The West has always kicked away the development ladder to preserve its hegemony, while China offers ladders to other nations for a win-win world.

[video v=a7okuN2qJU8]

With Fernando Munoz Bernal ...

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Is BRICS being forced into creating its own currency and financial system

Bric by Bric - sanctions, and the threat of sanctions, seems to be leading the world away from the US dollar as reserve currency and global trade.

With The Duran ...

[video v=Yhpaw0SoLXw]

With Fernando Munoz Bernal ...

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The West’s ongoing economic (and technology) war on China

The West wants no peers, only slaves.

With Ben Norton ...

[video v=GUpWxNcdnYU]

Bonus film : What is the West's mindset today ? - with Michael Brenner and Neutrality Studies ...

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The US / UK / West’s economic war on China

If only the West would learn from China the way that China learns from the West.

The difference between the American Dream and the Chinese Dream ? The Chinese Dream is being built while the American Dream is pure Hollywood (just a dream / fiction). One can only ever be for a few while the other is for all. Is it money or people that is the fundamental value ?

Western 'freedom' is a system where the majority will be poor, to pay for spreading that 'freedom' (control / global hegemony) worldwide. The neo-colonial nations aim to keep the rest of the world down - and this supremacist agenda has caused endless wars and famines worldwide.

The difference between the West and China is that China thinks long-term and innovates, while the West just tries to cling onto its 'supremacy' and is hence declining.

The West's economic detachment is the first step to a hot war.

With Radhika Desai and Michael Hudson ...

[video v=4l3EbRUOGsI]

China – economic outlook – part 2

Quality of life and harmony. Don't miss it.

With Radhika Desai, Michael Hudson and Mick Dunford ...

[video v=isJR5dS27qA]

YT comment :

"Unlike the West, China doesn't want to beggar their neighbors. China has learned that enriching your neighborhood increases your business opportunities."

Geopolitics update, February 2024

With Ben Becker ...

[video v=ciiaGvoUgrQ]

With Vijay Prashad ...

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On human rights, propaganda and trade – don’t miss it

With Jerry's Take on China ...

[video v=U97CiwlLp1g]

YT comment : "It is win-win versus win-lose. Two very different mindsets".

YT comment : "Propaganda is about decoupling what people 'know' from reality. Insanity is believing your own propaganda".

YT comment : "A bully does not want competition at all. Rules are always bend to suit their own agenda and arms are twisted to coerce who is the big daddy on the playground. Moreover deploying half truth tactics or false flags to raise fear are common tactics in their playbook."

YT comment : "Fear is the only reason the U.S. wanted to contain China. When tariffs failed, technology sanctions followed. When both tariffs and sanctions failed, de-coupling became the buzzword. And when de-coupling was found to hurt the U.S. economy more than China's, it was changed to de-risking which in effect means a "slow de-coupling" until a more appropriate time. And now, fear has invaded European minds and the Europeans want to adopt the American low-life tactics.

Twenty years ago, American muscle cars and reliable Japanese cars plus reputable German, French and Swedish cars and even newbies from South Korea were selling like hot cakes in the Chinese market and each and every maker made a fortune in China. Nowadays, however, the U.S. has no hope of selling anything to China -- not only industrial products but also agricultural produce which are easily replaced by many other countries around the globe. Sooner or later, the world will be divided into 2 camps: one that embraces worldwide integration and the other a closed economy that fears competition. The acceleration of the de-dollarization movement will speed up the divide even further, to the point that it may break the world monetary system in half."

Bonus films - on China's economy - with Peter Walker and Thinkers Forum ...

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*** On the Belt and Road Initiative - don't miss it ***

Video : China : *** On the Belt and Road Initiative - don't miss it ***

With Hussein Askary and The Geopolitics In Conflict Show. Debt trap (the West) or development (China) ... Bonus film - with The Moderate Rebels ...

*** Planning war with China - part 10 - don't miss it ***

Video : China : *** Planning war with China - part 10 - don't miss it ***

Max : "Rules based world order = we make the rules, and we make the orders". Economic imperialism. With The GrayZone - professor Michael Hudson talks with Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal (3 very wise brains) ... Bonus film - on 'humane war'; rebranded war ('war is peace') - Aaron Maté talks with Samuel Moyn ... Bonus film 2 - on Hunter Biden's laptop ... Bonus film 3 - John Bolton challenged on Iran regime change, Afghanistan, US sanctions, bombing of Syria - with Afshin Rattansi ... Bonus film 4 - why Hillary Clinton smeared Tulsi Gabbard ...

Jack Ma (Alibaba founder) talks business, trade and general wisdom

Video : China : Jack Ma (Alibaba founder) talks business, trade and general wisdom


HangZhou and SuZhou : economy and business

Video : China : HangZhou and SuZhou : economy and business

Films by the Department of Trade and Industry in the UK. A look at these two beautiful cities, both not far from Shanghai, with a focus on business but also a general look at city life and their tourist sites.

An introduction to business in GuangDong province - video

Video : China : An introduction to business in GuangDong province - video

GuangDong lies on the coast in south east China. The provincial capital is GuangZhou; ShenZhen is another important city in the province. HongKong is next to GuangDong.

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