Planning war on China – part 22

The mainstream media in the West is a key part of the 'defense' (offence) department - it's all about hegemony / imperialism. Disinformation is always the first act of war.

These 'journalists' are simply sycophants of an elite that wants total control; they think they are a part of the 'winners'. Totally disgusting.

With Daniel Dumbrill ...


With The New Atlas ...


With Living In China ...


With the Moderate Rebels ...

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On Desmond Tutu, with Democracy Now ...


(Ignoring the lack of understanding China, and the climate change hysteria) ...

YT comment : China today is committed to being more green. Her programs on Solar, Wind and Hydro power is advanced. President Xi has compared clean waters and forests as the real gold.

YT comment : China has sought hegemony; never colonized; even when it could easily have done so. China id all about trade and building, not conquest.


The China threat - the threat of a good example.

In China, the people are family. In the West, the people are livestock.

XinJiang map

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