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Dance of the Silk Road and Long Long Ago …
Plus, Gong LinNa with a beautiful new song : Xiao He Tang Shui 小河淌水 ...
Spring flowers walking tour of ShangHai
With Wei's Travel ...
Going to University ?  Go to / stay in China
Chinese students are increasingly, and rightly so, avoiding studying in the West, where standards are declining, fees are extremely high, healthcare is either appalling or extremely expensive, the cities and towns are dingy and filled with homeless people and violence, the accommodation is dreadful and the food even worse; and where dangers abound. In contrast, Chinese universities are the far better choice. Besides, why fund countries that see China as an adversary, where Chinese products are banned and the media is increasingly hostile, and you could be labelled a spy ? Don't waste the 'best years of your life' ! YT comments : "I’m from Canada and I would never send my kids to study on the US. It’s just not safe. The quality of US education is declining. I’d rather send my kids to school in China than US." "The university in the West has very little to offer other than the English language. Chinese technology is more advanced, and Chinese students get better jobs after finishing Chinese university." "Let's be realistic. Where can you learn the AI best? China. Where can you learn quantum computer? China. Where can you learn best about rocket engines and space science? China landed a rover on the moon several times. Where can you learn chemistry and micro biology? China. Do you name anything? China has more advanced technology. Chinese students learn and speak English in China, so why pay high tuition to learn English outside?"
A tour of SuZhou 苏州, JiangSu province – video
SuZhou, an exquisite water town, lies on the banks of the YangTse river and next to TaiHu lake. SuZhou is 45 minutes from Shanghai by train. This film includes the classical gardens and the SuZhou Art Museum.
Beautiful BeiJing 北京, the blue sky city
Plus, BeiJing in timelapse ... Contact us anytime : with your video suggestions, or any kind of feedback; we're here for you.
Thoughts on freedom in China and a look around KunMing
With Jason / Living in China ... Plus, a look around Harbin ...
The extraordinarily beautiful ShiLin 石林 Stone Forest Geological Park
石林, ShiLin County, YunNan, south China. This area, covering around 500 square kilometers in all, lies about 90 km east of the provincial capital KunMing and is comprised of seven scenic areas featuring amazing limestone karst rock formations. The Stone Forest began around 270 million years ago as a shallow sea. Extensive deposits of sandstone overlaid by limestone accumulated during the Permian period. Subsequent uplift of this region followed by exposure to wind and rain shaped the landscape we see today. Filmed in Ultra HD (4K).
National Day (1st October) night walk in ShangHai
With Wei's Travel ... Yu Garden daytime walk ... Bonus film - XuJiaHui business district ... Bonus film 2 - The largest Sam's Club China flagship opening 最大山姆会员中国旗舰店上海开幕日 - with Wei's Travel ...
JiaYuGuan Pass at the western end of the Great Wall of China
With Walk East - the Great Wall of China. JiaYu Pass is not only the western starting point of the Ming Great Wall, but also a vital pass on the ancient Silk Road. It's the joining place of the cultures of the Silk Road ...

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