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Rural China 中国 from above

Beautiful aerial shots of the rice terraces and karst peaks of GuangXi province, plus the communal Tulou residences in FuJian province ...

[video v=oKeZ9XgVyTE start=15]

JiuZhaiGou 九寨沟 and HuangLong 黄龙 scenery, SiChuan province

Clear pools and waterfalls ...

[video v=YF-sYhRnYns]

Above the clouds – the wonderful scenery at HuangShan 黄山

Beautiful views ...

[video v=z5q_oMwka_E]
[video v=gkdFl2xr6x0 stop=1:30]
[video v=kNB_tPGcGYQ]
[video v=_IY9n8whaqk]


YunNan 云南 scenery slideshow

Beautiful ...

[video v=UxAs1Cm47SQ]

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