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The Great Wall 长城 of China Marathon

Scenes from the Great Wall Marathon 2013 ...

[video v=bsqGVM_sFAA start=1:20]

The International Children’s Concert

The delightful China Central TV concert of 2013 ...

[video v=yL_p8-574D4 c=3][video v=izyHehdXJMA c=3][video v=uO1qTPA1iMY c=3][video v=_8KXDxFySss c=3][video v=Gc9JHRWbnXc c=3][video v=hUhs_yFD5AA c=3][video v=zKq-kV0f2PM c=3][video v=pd1zoygKJjM c=3][video v=0dWvHksjCiA c=3][video v=pPm8u4sBMaE c=3][video v=tYCLLq2KaAs c=3][video v=kLF0rmmwnrI c=3][video v=72aqUHorkDU c=3][video v=iwGxn1x3ufk c=3][video v=2qZ2_cavqhY c=3]

* Children of the Dragon (HOU Dejian, 侯德健), performed by Green QIU (QIU Wutong, 邱梧桐, 10 years old), Xiaolong (小龙, 11 years old), and JIN Zhuofan (金卓凡, 12 years old), all from China.

* Memory (musical Cats, Andrew Loyd Webber), performed by Jessie Hillel (11 years old) from New Zealand.

* You Raise Me Up, performed by LI Zewei (李泽维, 11 years old), ZHONG Chenle (钟辰乐, 11 years old), and LIU Bo (柳博, 10 years old), all from China.

* Turkish March (土耳其进行曲), by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (莫扎特), performed by ZOU Yufei (邹宇飞, 4 years old), WANG Liya (王丽雅, 11 years old), ZHU Zihe (朱梓赫, 8 years old), and YE Zifan (叶子凡, 12 years old), all from China.

* He is a Pirate, performed by CHEN Qingli (陈庆丽) from Hong Kong, China.

* I can fly, performed by Teressa from the U.S. (5 years old). Teressa is of Chinese and American heritage.

* Baby, performed by NIE Jieming (聂杰铭, English name: James Robert Nicol, 11 years old) from Australia.

* Spicy Girl, performed by Tianyuan (Chinese name:恬源, English name: Tyerra, 8 years old) from the U.S. Tianyuan is of Chinese and American heritage.

* Kalinka, performed by Russian children from Russian Embassy School in Beijing, and Xiao Ding Dang Childrens Choir of the Russian Culture Center in Beijing.

* Love to Flowers and Earth Song, performed by Fairies in Rain Forest (Chinese name:雨林精灵, Pinyin: Yu Lin Jing Ling). Fairies in Rain Forest is formed by two sisters: Linda LEE (李林妲, LI Linda) and Wanda LEE (李宛妲, LI Wanda) of Chinese and German heritage. Their fater, Josef Margraf, is a German ecologist. Love to Flowers is a folk song of ethnic Hani Chinese, sung in the Hani language. Earth Song by Michael Jackson.

* I Just Can't Wait to be King (from The Lion King), performed by the Popcorn Band (Chinese name: 爆米花乐团) from China and Chelsey Mark (Chinese name: 麦小龙, Pinyin: MAI Xiaolong) from Canada; Chelsey Mark is a well-known host of CCTV.

* You'll Be in My Heart (Phil Collins), performed by Ming-An Fasquelle (11 years old, French-American, born in France, raised in Beijing).

* I Have a Dream (Abba), performed by WANG Xinyi (王馨怡, 10 years old) from China.

* ABC (Jackson 5) performed by SH' Boss Boys from the U.S.

* We Will Rock You (Brian May / Queen), performed by Xiaolong (小龙), Huolong (火龙), LI Shuxi (李淑昕), ZHENG Xiao (郑宵), Tianyuan (恬源), 奥斯卡 (Oscar), 成宇朵儿 (CHENGYU Duo-Er), Popcorn Band (爆米花乐队), Zaizai (仔仔), and Kent Niepert (Xiaolong's dad).


The CCTV Spring Festival Gala, 2013 and 2014

The much-loved CCTV Chinese New Year's Gala (中国中央电视台春节联欢晚会) is a special yearly show produced by China Central Television that has a viewership of around 1 billion people.

We have posted some songs from the 2013 gala too (all except one, for the first time).

CNY Gala 2014

La Vie En Rose (玫瑰人生), performed by Sophie Marceau (France) and LIU Huan (苏菲·玛索、刘欢)

[video v=Urwk2AnhByo][video v=en97lXDlh8o][video v=JqmybxglGnM][video v=sCRcMGC8IuU][video v=20ZaSjzaeMA][video v=r4_j3zQ3t3M][video v=e6K3YyJEprk][video v=obzdERlHv_I][video v=gDbqSGjOuTY][video v=WwPWaRo9kRw][video v=zC_hGib2XIc]

CNY Gala 2013

Starting with NA Ying - Warm Spring with Blooming Flowers (Panda88 loves this !)

[video v=JcSdC_oZ26s][video v=3u7EqdqDTqM][video v=uNPbIYJU89A][video v=_ZSveqcY-JA][video v=vTJ3hvfd0lw][video v=tWpPOfl3VeE]

China 中国 trip, 2013 (9)

Filmed in November 2013.

Places featured: Hong Kong *, Li River (GuangXi) *, LiJiang (YunNan), Tiger Leaping Gorge *, ChengDu (pandas), Tibet *, ShangHai, BeiJing (wild Great Wall *); * indicates most footage.

[video v=wK3CijwzI58]

China 中国 trip; a feature length film …

A 70 minute feature length film.

Starting at MuTianYu Great Wall, Beijing.

[video v=LehSmtcjpkI start=160]

New Year's Eve firework display, 2014 : Hong Kong 香港

Video : China : New Year's Eve firework display, 2014 : Hong Kong 香港

Happy New Year ! The preview image of the 2nd video is blurred, but the video is sharp. Get a taste of being there in Victoria Harbor that night ...

Fireworks at my window ...

Video : China : Fireworks at my window ...

With just hours to go before 2014, a taste of fireworks in China. The film is from the Chinese New Year in Beijing, February 2013. And I really do mean at my window ;) A Happy New Year to all our visitors :)

China 中国 in Motion (2013)

Video : China : China 中国 in Motion (2013)

56 film-makers; 48 places ...

Extreme Marathon, LiJiang 丽江

Video : China : Extreme Marathon, LiJiang 丽江

The marathon routes around LiJiang. passing the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge. This film is of the 2013 event which took place at the end of march (2013).

Together around China 中国 - video

Video : China : Together around China 中国 - video

Filmed in 2013. BeiJing, Forbidden City and Great Wall - ZhangJiaJie, National Forest Park and WuLingYuan Scenic Area - YangShuo, Li River - Shangri-La, SongZanLin Monastery and BaLaGeZong - ShanGri-La - Grand Canyon National Park - Tiger Leaping Gorge - YangTse River - LiJiang, Old Town - Hong Kong.

The Great Wall 长城 Marathon 2013 (2) - video

Video : China : The Great Wall 长城 Marathon 2013 (2) - video

An hour north from BeiJing city center ...

China 中国 trips 2013 (3)

Video : China : China 中国 trips 2013 (3)

The BeiJing Television (BTV) Spring Festival Gala, 2013

Video : China : The BeiJing Television (BTV) Spring Festival Gala, 2013

The Chinese New Year show in Beijing ...

The Spring Festival Gala, 2013 - video

Video : China : The Spring Festival Gala, 2013 - video

With CCTV ...

New Year 2013 at The Place, BeiJing 北京

Video : China : New Year 2013 at The Place, BeiJing 北京

31st December 2012.

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