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Chinese traditional music – long play (1)

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Dancing on a Dream – documentary

The story of an American girl with a dream to master Chinese dance through to graduation at Beijing Normal University's dance school ...

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Chinese traditional music – long play (2)

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Learn to speak Chinese from zero

How to pronounce the four tones and speak PinYin correctly. With Qing Xia ...

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The beautiful Humble Administrator’s Garden 拙政园

An exemplary example of classical Chinese garden arts that aspires to the harmony of people and nature. ZhuoZheng Yuan, SuZhou, JiangSu province.

At 52,000 square meters, it is the largest garden in SuZhou.

A beautiful short documentary ...

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Chinese street food 中国街头食品

5 examples in ShanDong province, east China ...

A beautiful selection of traditional Chinese music

A selection of traditional Chinese music and song ...

The first film is from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2013, with singer Na Ying. The song : [Because of You, My Life is] A Warm Spring With Blooming Flowers. In 2015, the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) runs from the 19th to the 25th February. The second is from China's National Games Opening Ceremony in 2009. The song is Like A Dream. The third film features the music 'Legend of Chinese Mountains' and is about the five sacred mountains of China and the Chinese love of nature and balance with nature. Fourth is 'Your Collar', a romantic song from the imperial music of the Han Dynasty. Fifth song is 'A Nation of Greatness and Courtesy' and is about the Chinese character of virtue and friendship. Greatness in Chinese thinking is virtue; all three core Chinese philosophies - Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism - stress that strength and happiness (well-being) lies in balance, not power (dominance). The last film features music from a documentary about the DaMing Palace (DaMing Gong) of the Tang Dynasty, at the heart of the dynasty's capital Chang'An (which means 'eternal peace'). The palace area is a little north east of the city of Xi'An in ShaanXi province.

Chinese New Year fireworks - video

The people's fireworks in BeiJing. What it is like to go to the roof-top garden of your hostel that night ...

Learn Chinese - at a restaurant

How to order MaPo DoFu, GongBao JiDing ...

New year's eve fireworks, LiuZhou, GuangXi 广西 province

2011 - 2012

Chinese language characters

The low-down on the Chinese writing system. Great videos ... See - it's very easy really ;)

Harmony and balance in Chinese philosophy - video

A trailer to Richard Bangs' travel videos of GuangDong, Macau and Hong Kong around the Pearl River Delta ...

Chinese New Year fireworks 2012, GuangZhou 广州

Filmed from a 23rd floor apartment ...

Traditional Chinese music ensemble in BeiHai Park 北海公园 - video

An informal gathering in Beijing.

Chinese acrobatics sample - video

Strength, coordination and agility ...

Chinese porcelain making in JingDeZhen, JiangXi province

China in China. These films by CCTV's Travelogue explore the ancient city of JingDeZhen and its association with the much prized porcelain of the Ming dynasty. NOTE : These videos are currently unavailable, so we have this film of a master-thrower making a large pot on a traditional wheel, as a temporary stand-in.

An introduction to the art of Chinese calligraphy - video

A short film by the Asian Art Museum of San Frascisco Chinese calligraphy contains the essence of art - pure line and space, that also can capture movement and grace.

The classical gardens of SuZhou 苏州

JiangSu province. An introduction to the art of Chinese gardens.

A popular breakfast street snack : JianBing GuoZhi

There are some variations on this dish and it can be eaten at any time of the day. Delicious :)

Chinese New Year Fireworks, BeiJing !

1) From a high level apartment ... 2) Fireworks in the east of the city ...

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