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City transport options in China – bus, taxi, e-bike, metro, bicycle

In this film, NanNing in GuangXi province, but will be similar in other cities in China ...

[video v=bDJypHv8ZDM start=30]

China 中国 cities’ metro train systems

These clips are from ShenZhen in GuangDong province.

Like the metro in other Chinese cities, the subway systems are ultra modern, clean, efficient, spacious and cheap to use ...

[video v=0XZiAeEDuUs]

Transport in BeiJing 北京

With Sticker Travel ...

[video v=Ns8aZjMJBck start=45]

Efficient public transport in GuangZhou 广州

GuangDong province.

Coordinated buses and bicycles improve the transportation for residents ...

[video v=NW91CuaksCc]

Public bicycle rental in HangZhou 杭州

A large-scale bike-share system in HangZhou, provincial capital of ZheJiang.

Similar schemes operate in many Chinese cities, including Beijing.

[video v=7LIEu4HJCI4]

The Road to the Future

A look at the future of the car.

Transportation is a key part of a city; as urbanization increases, how to create a 'better city, better life'? This film looks at the ideas and discussions of SAIC and GM at their pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010.

[video v=nJwO18XWDOs]

Public bus services in GuangZhou 广州

Environment-friendly, efficient and smart transportation.

[video v=80Z4xnSNAHs]

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