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Return to ShenZhen (plus the awesome city lights show)

Globe-trotting vlogger Jordan ('Travellight') missed China so much that she took a trip back to her first destination there - ShenZhen in GuangDong province.

Defintely don't miss the amazing light show near the end of the film (8:45) ...

[video v=bEL28bWAVZQ]

Bonus films - a short introduction to ShenZhen, and a longer guide to the city ...

[video v=Ecy6vgXbNdQ][video v=04rYFwZ5uqA]

BeiJing 北京 Dance Theater

Contemporary ballet.

The second film shows the performance 'Golden Lotus'.

[video v=KTPnHygSmzo] [video v=C8Parma61r8]

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