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ShangHai night river cruise, with the kids

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Bonus film - ShangHai in time-lapse ...

[video v=8PQUj2rDGoM][video v=PggIL7BJTlE start=57]

ShangHai 上海 – an aerial and historical guide

A fascinating look at the extraordinary history and transformation of ShangHai.

With China Central TV (CCTV). Narrated by Owen Grant.

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Bonus film - sailing along the HuangPu River at night, between the Bund in PuXi (west of the river) and PuDong (east of the river).

The most well known area of PuDong is the LuJiaZui finance and trade zone that includes the ShangHai Stock Exchange and many of ShangHai's highest buildings, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Jin Mao Tower, the ShangHai World Financial Center, and the ShangHai Tower. These modern skyscrapers directly face PuXi's historic Bund (meaning embankment), a remnant of former foreign concessions. PuDong also includes the Port of ShangHai, the ShangHai World Expo site and Century Park, ShangHai PuDong International Airport, the JiuDuanSha Wetland Nature Reserve, and the ShangHai Disney Resort. This 'New Area' has been established from almost nothing in just thirty years.

[video v=AxDKL3dYgds]

Rooftop ShangHai 上海

Don't try this (and we mean that), but enjoy the views (if not feeling a tad dizzy and just about ready to fall, or jump, off) ...

ShangHai travelling for $20, part 2.

[video v=dbKvECAtoL4]

Exploring China 中国

Part 1 : GuangZhou (GuangDong) | ShangHai | HangZhou (ZheJiang)

Part 2 : HuangShan (AnHui) | JiuHuaShan (AnHui) | Xi'An (ShaanXi)

Part 3 : Xi'An (ShaanXi) | HuaShan (ShaanXi) | HohHot (Inner Mongolia)

[video v=a8nSqgde00s]
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[video v=ocM8Rk_Y7RA]

Winter trip to BeiJing 北京 and ShangHai 上海

[video v=6JtWB_EV5xE]

BeiJing 北京 and ShangHai 上海 - winter trip - video

ShangHai 上海 scenes, day and night

Beautifully filmed by Niezwykly Swiat ... Let's also sneak in a little night time dance action ...

A walk around ShangHai 上海

YuYuan Garden ... XinTianDi ... NanJing Road ... The Bund (WaiTan) ...

TianZiFang 田子坊, ShangHai

TiánZǐFāng is a neighborhood of labyrinthine alleyways off TaiKang Road (TàiKāng Lù). TianZiFang is known for small craft stores, coffee shops, trendy art studios and narrow alleys. It has become a popular tourist destination in ShangHai, and an example of the preservation of local ShiKuMen architecture, with some similarities to XinTianDi.

ShangHai 上海 from the sky

Insiders' Guides, 2016

With Insider TV. BeiJing ... ShangHai ... HangZhou ... GuangZhou ... ShenZhen ... Hong Kong ... Macau ...

Happy in Shanghai ... and Macau ... and Hong Kong ... and ShenZhen ... : )( :

With a great song by Pharrell Williams

ShangHai 上海 - for $20 per day - is it possible ?

Find out, with host Kevin Cook ... Welcome to China. Live more !

Discover ShangHai 上海城市旅游宣传片 ...

Live more ! A lovely film ...

We Love ShangHai 上海

The first film of ShangHai scenes is in Ultra HD / 4K ShangHai trips ... (Great film music)

ShangHai 上海 travel diary

A family trip to ShangHai ... Plus, an outing to HangZhou ...

Free-skating in ShangHai 上海

Rollerblading the metropolis ...

ShangHai 上海 Sunrise

Beautiful ...

ShangHai 上海 night drive ...

Bonus film - ShenZhen morning drive ...

Nine million light years from the edge ...

BeijingBuzzz is eight and a half today - so besides some ice-cream, balloons and jelly, a trip down memory lane ... We are removing some older videos that just don't have the video quality we expect today (things have come a long way in those 9 1/2 years) but here's a couple from the archive (2008 / 2009) and that long ago day when it all began. Fuzzy, as memories become, but good memories ...

K11 and SOHO FuXing Plaza 凌空, ShangHai 上海

Futuristic office, retail and leisure spaces, on HuaiHai Road in central ShangHai, by XinTianDi 新天地.

Flying around ShangHai 上海

Beautiful drone footage, like a dream ...

ShangHai 上海 Dreaming ...

A very creative film - don't miss this ...

A ride around ShangHai 上海, by scooter

ShangHai 上海 city in timelapse

Colors of China 中国

Including the Union of China Timelapse 2015 film, plus timelapse films of ShangHai, HangZhou and Hong Kong. Beautiful ...

China cities guides, spring 2015

With Insider TV. Each film includes both the famous places and also interesting places that are less well known, including dining and nightlife.

ShangHai 上海 night flight, plus daytime air-wheeling

9 Days in China 中国 : ShangHai, BeiJing, Xi`An and ZhangJiaJie

XinTianDi 新天地, ShangHai

XinTianDi ('New Heaven and Earth') is a delightful, up-market area partly based on renovated traditional mid-19th century ShiKuMen ('Stone Gate') houses and alleyways. Here you find boutiques, book stores, cafes and restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. Most of the cafes and restaurants feature both indoor and outdoor dining and are popular by day and by night.

Some scenes from ShangHai 上海 2014 ...

ShangHai 上海 in timelapse

Meet me in ShangHai 上海

A mini drama ...

ShangHai 上海, 2014

Good times in China 中国 ...

BeiJing and ShangHai ...

China trip 2014 - BeiJing 北京 and ShangHai 上海

Mostly Beijing.

ShangHai 上海 to BeiJing 北京 by high speed rail

The second video shows the overnight sleeper train.

Study Abroad trip to ShangHai 上海

An evening skate through ShangHai 上海

A few days in ShangHai 上海

Shanghai scenes and the Yu Garden

China trip, 2013 - ShangHai 上海 and YangShuo 阳朔

Filmed in the summer of 2013 ...

Ning in ShangHai 上海

ShangHai 上海 scenes ...

A guide to one of China's most vibrant cities ...

New Year's Eve fireworks 2014, ShangHai 上海

Pre-wedding photo shoots ...

Special memories ...

`My experience in ShangHai 上海` - video

By a foreign exchange student. Excellent cinematography. Filmed in 2012 - 2013 ...

The beautiful Bund waterfront, ShangHai 上海

On the HuangPu River, facing PuDong, at the heart of ShangHai ...

China 中国 trips 2013 (4)

The film covers BeiJing, Xi`An, SuZhou, HangZhou and ShangHai ...

China 中国 in timelapse - video

ShangHai, BeiJing and Hong Kong ...

Here is ShangHai 上海

Sweeping scenes ...

Summer in the city, ShangHai 上海 - flash mob

Into the way-back machine - two great videos from 2010 - 2012 (not HD, but feel the vibe) ... ShangHai and FuZhou (capital of FuJian province) ... Bad Romance, Jai Ho, Rolling on the River, and more ...

The ShangHai 上海 World Expo, with Dennis Callan

The Shanghai World Expo, 2010 ...

The BeijingBuzzz video awards 2011 - special mention 1 - video

bjkina - Li River and YuLong River - Guilin and YangShuo, GuangXi province, and the HuangPu River, ShangHai

The BeijingBuzzz video awards 2011 - special mention 2 - video

StudyAbroadUSAC - Study Abroad, in ChengDu and ShangHai

Fast forward ShangHai 上海

Beautiful sweeping scenes ...

Activities in ZhongShan Park, ShangHai 上海

GuangZhou 广州, ShangHai 上海 and ShenZhen 深圳 in beautiful time-lapse

A film by Pryadko Artem and Shishkovski Dmitry

2010 China 中国 trip - video

Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'An, Guilin, YangShuo, LongJi rice terraces, and Hong Kong

HangZhou 杭州 and ShangHai 上海, autumn 2012 - video

East China.

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