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The awesome ZhongShan 中山 University graduation flash-mob

2016 年中山大学毕业季快闪

Sun Yat-Sen University, also known as ZhongShan University, is a public university in GuangDong, south east China. It was founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, a revolutionary and the founding father of the Republic of China.

Don't miss this; the song at 6:00 will melt any frozen heart ...

[video v=Ut-RCsqsx9Y]

Malaysian student's 1 month cultural exchange stay.

We all get older, but never lose your childhood wonder and love for life ...

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Dancing on a Dream – documentary

The story of an American girl with a dream to master Chinese dance through to graduation at Beijing Normal University's dance school ...

[video v=xWO6EJMVUcc]

A Beautiful Dream 清华大学美术学院宣传片

The TsingHua University Academy of Arts and Design, BeiJing 清华大学美术学院

[video v=1liUaKF0deg]

Summer fun in Beijing 北京

* University cultural festival; afternoon ...

[video v=tnpDo4xT3Ak]

* QianHai and HouHai lakes and hutongs area, central Beijing; early evening ...

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Campus Open Day, NingBo 宁波

Nottingham University. ZheJiang province.

[video v=ZGt0nIsuobU]

Cultural exchange trip to China 中国

By Utah Valley University dance troupe.

Featuring Beijing and Shanghai.

[video v=3FzOUhqNC8s]

Study abroad : in ChengDu 成都

SiChuan province in south-west China ...

[video v=KDEhYJ4CZv4]

Denison University musicians’ tour of China 中国

Musicians from the US tour BeiJing, ShangHai and Xi'An.

In the summer of 2010, more than 60 student musicians and several Music Department professors packed their bags, jumped on a plane, and walked into a whirlwind that carried them through three Chinese cities in ten days.

[video v=6icOThF2t1o]

Sports facilities at NanKai University 南开大学, TianJin

NánKāi DàXué is a public research university in TianJin, east of BeiJing.

[video v=z8jLeol9T-I]
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The Hong Kong 香港 University of Science and Technology

An introduction ...

[video v=TOVwL-sNQqM]

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