Videos about autumn, China

The 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival galas 中秋晚会

HuNan TV ...

[video v=XgZKLKlSrrM]

China Central TV ...

  Plus more videos ...



A guide to BeiJing 北京 through the seasons …

A video treat !

Four films, starting with 'summer'.

Welcome, to the blue sky city of Beijing ...

[video v=EFhjBkX0LI0]   Plus more videos ...



JiuZhaiGou 九寨沟 : Autumn into Winter (Ultra HD / 4K)

'Nine Villages Valley', SiChuan province.

Aqua pools, streams and waterfalls, and snow capped peaks, surrounded by red and gold leaves - a very beautiful place ...

[video v=Tawr-im4kyM]

A late autumn trip to the Great Wall 长城 of China

The picturesque JinShanLing to SiMaTai section, north east of Beijing ...

[video v=ACvDTleZo74 start=448]

Autumnal BeiJing 北京

2012 ...

[video v=T0Gb4Aa9neE]
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HangZhou 杭州 and ShangHai 上海, autumn 2012

East China.

[video v=OBjSlzvu304]   Plus more videos ...



Autumn in QingNianHu Park, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in November 2010.

Nearest subway stations : AnDingMen (nearest) or GuLouDaJie (line 2).

[video v=NNWswYgq2xc]
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DiTan Park 地毯公园, BeiJing

DiTan Park is based around the Temple of Earth and complements the Temple of Heaven (TianTan) in the south of BeiJing.

Besides the temple and altar, the park is filled with pine, gingko and cypress trees. There is an exercise area and children's play area towards the North Gate, a large croquet green to the south of the East Gate, and landscaped pavilions to the north of the East Gate.

There is a very popular Temple Fair held here during the Spring Festival which falls around the beginning of February.

Nearest subway stations: YongHeGong (lines 2 and 5) for the East Gate (nearest) or AnDingMen (line 2) for the West Gate.

The green space outside the East Gate is also very pleasant.

[video v=zXXDZowH9so]
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Autumn in LianHuaChi Park, BeiJing 北京

'Lotus Flower Pond' Park.

Filmed in November 2010.

[video v=b7F9ZIF52so]
  Plus more videos ...



Autumn in LiuYin Park, BeiJing 北京

Filmed in November 2010.

[video v=VtYA3FVf8hQ]

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