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Summer fun in Beijing 北京

* University cultural festival; afternoon ...

[video v=tnpDo4xT3Ak]

* QianHai and HouHai lakes and hutongs area, central Beijing; early evening ...

[video v=GIQfOw3Groo stop=6:50]

QianHai 前海 Lake, central BeiJing

Lotus Lane is a charming place to wander and a lively place in the evening to dine and listen to live music ...

Often mis-named as HouHai, which is actually another lake immediately to the north, these lakes form part of ShiChaHai, once the docks at the northern end of the Grand Canal from HangZhou. To the south lies BeiHai and JingShan Parks and to the north, the Drum and Bell Towers; east from there lies NanLuoGuXiang, a largely pedestrianized hutong filled with craft and speciality shops and cafes.

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BeiJing 北京 in motion …

Colorful Beijing life, plus a beautiful timelapse film and more ...

A look at the city through the seasons.

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SiChaHai central lakes area at night (QianHai and HouHai) ...

[video v=CkoJFMj1V1w]

ShiChaHai 什刹海 scenes, BeiJing

The three lakes here - XiHai, HouHai and QianHai - were where boats from HangZhou would dock after travelling the Grand Canal.

There are still some hutongs in this area, just north of BeiHai Park, which has become a lively destination, especially in the evenings around the lakes.

[video v=nma1N6XERHU]

Memories of summer in BeiJing 北京

The blue sky city ...

[video v=l513lrXXDAc][video v=Jtvq1Rzq9Qs][video v=UHgekbxG8WY][video v=X5rN3ZjhaOU]

Filmed by :

* Summer Palace - pavdb092

* Birds Nest National Stadium - Christopher Covington

* QianHai Lake - linditlife

* Temple of Heaven - Wen Gui Claassen

Remastered by : bjkina

Birds Nest music from the Beijing 2008 Paralympics Opening Ceremony - 'Letter to the Future'.


QianHai, HouHai 什刹海 and NanLuoGuXiang 南锣鼓巷 BeiJing - video

ShiChaHai, BeiJing 北京 nightlife

Scenes around the central lakes area ...

Relaxing in BeiJing 北京 - video

Sticker Travel visit PanJiaYuan curio market, join the fun at the Temple of Heaven park, then head over to ShiChaHai to relax in a lakeside bar at QianHai ...

Early morning at QianHai 前海 Lake, BeiJing

About 7am. QianHai is the lake between HouHai and BeiHai Park (across Di'AnMen street) and includes Lotus Lane along the south west side, with lake-side bars and dining. XiHai, HouHai and QianHai are collectively known as ShiChaHai. All three have interesting places to eat and drink, and are particularly popular at night. Between HouHai and QianHai lies the ancient JinDing bridge (JinDing Qiao); from the east side one can follow the interesting pedestrianised lane YanDaiXie Jie to the Drum and Bell Towers. Parallel to QianHai a little further east lies Nan LuoGuXiang.

Evening dance fun at QianHai, BeiJing 北京

A popular activity across China in parks and spaces ...

Lotus Lane, QianHai 前海, BeiJing

A picturesque street alongside QianHai Lake. Lotus Lane especially comes alive in the evenings, with a variety of live music in the restaurant-bars; red lanterns, candles and neon combine, with outdoor and terrace lakeside dining through the summer.

North Central BeiJing - video

Places include the hutongs of ShiChaHai (QianHai and HouHai), the Drum and Bell Towers, and Prince Gong's Mansion.

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