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Memories of summer in BeiJing 北京

The blue sky city ...

[video v=l513lrXXDAc][video v=Jtvq1Rzq9Qs][video v=UHgekbxG8WY][video v=X5rN3ZjhaOU]

Filmed by :

* Summer Palace - pavdb092

* Birds Nest National Stadium - Christopher Covington

* QianHai Lake - linditlife

* Temple of Heaven - Wen Gui Claassen

Remastered by : bjkina

Birds Nest music from the Beijing 2008 Paralympics Opening Ceremony - 'Letter to the Future'.


The Birds Nest National Stadium, BeiJing 北京

With Sticker Travel ...

[video v=LzP-zJq_gUI]

BeiJing 北京 in time-lapse (6)

Including the Birds Nest stadium and Beihai Park ...

[video v=9BdMHAyyXps start=1:24]

The Birds Nest Stadium and Olympic Green, BeiJing 北京

The Olympic Green is a huge site that includes the 'Birds Nest' national stadium and the 'Water Cube' aquatics center.

Here was the main setting when Beijing hosted the highly regarded summer Olympics and Paralympics in 2008.

[video v=e5H4SdRqbRI]

The Olympic Green Village in BeiJing 北京

Main site of the BeiJing 2008 Olympics.

[video v=5GR51_Su0Oc]

A week in Beijing - video

Places featured include the Summer Palace, Great Wall, Forbidden City and the Olympic park.

The Olympic Plaza at night, Beijing - video

Summer 2010. A nice view of the Birds Nest lit-up ...

The Olympic Plaza, Beijing, at night - video

Including the Birds Nest, Water Cube and LingLong Pagoda. Filmed in April 2010.

Panorama of the Olympic Park at night, BeiJing 北京 - video

Filmed in August 2009.

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