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Garland Nixon on the ‘Pivot to China’

Those who seek hegemony think only in terms of win-lose and can't imagine win-win : they must be the only ones to win. They think that this is to win big, but is actually to win small, as well as being morally evil.

China on the other hand, has always sought win-win. By helping others develop, rather than enslaving them, the win is far bigger. This is termed 'common prosperity'. And this is what the world must do if it is to survive.

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[video v=s8fzb0cShfc]

Bonus films : with Cyrus Janssen ...

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Economist John Ross on China’s continuing rise

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With No Cold War ...

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Bonus films - with Rise of Asia ...

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Geopolitics update – January 2024

The West has a win-lose mindset. It is very different from China's win-win.

The West aims, and has done for many decades, to keep all other countries down, by inciting wars and installing compliant puppet regimes.

Containing China has been the policy all along - and the real reason for the Vietnam and Korea wars. It is not something new. This is why the Phillipines has never reached its potential, and why all the propaganda (lies) and meddling in China's outskirts - notably, Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan and XinJiang.

With Brian Berletic and Danny HaiPhong ...

[video v=xW2K8Mo8E3Q]

With Liu Xin and Jeffrey Sachs ...

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On Taiwan, China’s rise and Western hegemony

August 1st 2022.

With The New Atlas - Brian Berletic and Angelo Giuliano ...

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Orsis Rutherford

The problem with the US is that 90% of the population could not find Taiwan or The Ukraine on a map. I went to China in 2015 and I discovered an amazing country with a blend of tradition and modernity. People looked happy and I felt safe.


"Be humble. Admit you know nothing about China. Start from zero and start building up a real understanding." Probably the best advice I've had my entire life - and I'm 63 years old! Thank you so much, both of you. Love and peace, from London.

ashley mistletoe

As a Taiwaneses, I can vouch for everything you said about Taiwan, history, politics.. very surprised that you nailed so much details. To add a few more facts: 1. Right now in Taiwan it's a hostage situation: people don't want to go to war with China but this government is doing america bidding and for us it's just disgusting, hateful yet there's nothing much we can do... 2. This government brainwashes the less informed population, controls media and public opinions with a massive cyber force that's silencing and suppressing opposition. It's despicable that they have the shame to brag about democracy. 3. NO ONE IN TAIWAN WANTS A WAR, not even the heavily propagandized, except the very few brainwashed extremists. Those in power such as Ms. Tsai never mind bleeding our blood but trust me they will be the first to fly away the moment smell of war approaches. 4. I've heard over and over again that parents told their kids to surrender when the war breaks out. I remember vividly one of them said, "Who are we fighting for? Tsai Yinwen?" followed with an angry sneer. THIS GOVERNMENT IS A DISGRACE.

Nancy Barra

Brian, you represent the best of young Americans. Your critical thinking and analytical skills are amazing and I hope people like you can lead the United States to a new era in the future. In the meantime you are helping a lot of people to think beyond what mass media is proyecting. Angelo Giluino is also a great thinker and analyst.

Gav Munro

As a Brit in China I agree with Angelo 100% about the sense of humility that we should have. I was someone who questioned why things were the way they were in China, thankfully the more I tried to understand China the quicker I grew out of it.

There's a much said phrase here that 'When I landed in China I could write a book about it, after 10 years I could write a leaflet on it, after 15 years I can barely write half a page about it'. That's the reality.

China is an enigma, it's not to be 'advised' but to be respected and studied. It's brought it's poorest into a middle class at a rate of knots. The west is vilifying China not to China's determent but to their own.

They could learn so much from China's rise. Their elites choose not to tell the people the real story.

That's the real tragedy.

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Official racism. Reality is so very different from the ‘official’ / MSM narrative / fairy tale – DON’T MISS THIS !

Planning War On China part 40 (the encore). From now, all similar content will be on the new Geopolitics page, so do check that out and bookmark. Something Different, health, and psychology videos are likely to also move to their own pages. So we will still cover all these aspects of life, but have more time to focus on Chinese culture and China travel.


Official racism is a very important fact to consider, and because it is is based on propaganda, can be easily missed for what it really is. Yet once seen, it is all so clear.

Us and Them - is the sales pitch of supremacists and bomb companies. That is ALL it is.

There is no 'us and them'; that is just a scam to fool you into obedience / subservience / enslavement.

The real schism is that there are real / open-eyed people, and then there are the brainwashed / believers people. Simple as that.

Puppets at the top; puppets at the bottom.

One life, one world, one family.

One has love, or one does not. Real love doesn't have targets; real love is a light that shines in all directions.

Onto the video film ... With George Galloway in conversation with Jerry's Take on China ...

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Planning war on China – part 17

Just what is the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) - and what is it really up to ?

With Brian Berletic and Angelo Giuliano / The New Atlas ...

[video v=omwCiF-Vt3Q]

Bonus films :

YChina attacked by the New York Times ...

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Planning war on China – part 15

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” ― John Steinbeck

On the 'China threat' scam - with The Geopolitics In Conflict Show ...

[video v=3kzgyXYWzb0]   Plus more videos ...


Richard Wolff on the dangers of a new Cold War

Video : China : Richard Wolff on the dangers of a new Cold War

Bonus film - with the Moderate Rebels and Daniel Dumbrill ...

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