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Rogue Nation US

US history includes the Native American genocide, slavery, and has continued with involvement in 147 conflicts since World War 2 (when the US tested its atomic weapons on civilians), including Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many more. The US has held the world hostage for many decades and sought supremacy (hegemony) by keeping all others down and under its control, to just be used. This, of course, is the policy of the US elite, who control all the political parties to the detriment of the American people as much as the world's population.

With Jerry's Take on China ...

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On human rights, propaganda and trade – don’t miss it

With Jerry's Take on China ...

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YT comment : "It is win-win versus win-lose. Two very different mindsets".

YT comment : "Propaganda is about decoupling what people 'know' from reality. Insanity is believing your own propaganda".

YT comment : "A bully does not want competition at all. Rules are always bend to suit their own agenda and arms are twisted to coerce who is the big daddy on the playground. Moreover deploying half truth tactics or false flags to raise fear are common tactics in their playbook."

YT comment : "Fear is the only reason the U.S. wanted to contain China. When tariffs failed, technology sanctions followed. When both tariffs and sanctions failed, de-coupling became the buzzword. And when de-coupling was found to hurt the U.S. economy more than China's, it was changed to de-risking which in effect means a "slow de-coupling" until a more appropriate time. And now, fear has invaded European minds and the Europeans want to adopt the American low-life tactics.

Twenty years ago, American muscle cars and reliable Japanese cars plus reputable German, French and Swedish cars and even newbies from South Korea were selling like hot cakes in the Chinese market and each and every maker made a fortune in China. Nowadays, however, the U.S. has no hope of selling anything to China -- not only industrial products but also agricultural produce which are easily replaced by many other countries around the globe. Sooner or later, the world will be divided into 2 camps: one that embraces worldwide integration and the other a closed economy that fears competition. The acceleration of the de-dollarization movement will speed up the divide even further, to the point that it may break the world monetary system in half."

Bonus films - on China's economy - with Peter Walker and Thinkers Forum ...

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Harmony vs discord – how China and the US are distinct

In China the people are family.

In the West, the people are livestock.

-- Why 'livestock' ? Because in an 'individualistic' society (rather than a communal one), the government will be composed of the elite and above the people (employ divide and rule, and keep the people in dreams and poverty).

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Real democracy – government by, for, and of the people

The true measure is : does the government work for the people, or vice versa.

Is it a sham / illusion / deception 'democracy' - elections, where one is forced to choose between elite factions, that are basically the same ideology? 'Pick a card, any card ...'

Or is there a better way based on merit and that is bottom up - a system that truly responds to, and cares for, the people?

With Jerry's Take on China ...

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China and geopolitics : the MSM lies that fool us – don’t miss it

The 'threat' of being a good example, that threatens the uni-polar supremacist hegemony goal of the West's elites.

While China aims to build up the world (win-win), the West wants to keep it down (to be merely plundered).

In China, the people are family; in the West, the people are livestock.

The West's mainstream media (and countless shills) churns out an endless stream of lies. Don't be fooled again !

Mind control is nothing other than controlling what you 'know'. MSM news is nothing other than mass hypnosis. It is not there to 'report', it is there to direct / shape / frame / push an agenda. It is there to fool you and get your 'consent'. It is deception / propaganda / front-line warfare.

With Jerry's Take on China ...

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