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Memories of the ShangHai 上海 World Expo 2010 (8)

1. Shanghai pavilion 2. State Grid (light show) 3. Russia 4. Asia and Americas 5. Europe 6. Europe and Africa 7. Human Footprint (history and ecology) 8. Food Street 9,10,11 Dance and music (including Tunisia, XinJiang and Inner Mongolia) 12. China pavilion and overview

[video v=hopCE1OcmHA]   Plus more videos ...



Lhasa 拉萨 to XiNing 西宁 on the world’s highest railway

Stunning landscapes; awesome technology ...

[video v=FARFPdFLO7o start=13]

The ShangHai 上海 World Expo : Theme Pavilions

A look at the pavilions that illustrate the issues and best practices with regard to urbanisation.

[video v=0e6FOFGtpy4]

The Shanghai World Expo : Asia-Pacific pavilions

'Better City, Better Life'.

May 1st to October 31st 2010.

[video v=9NbsHbnquUA]

The main pavilions at the ShangHai 上海 World Expo

The China pavilion and the Urbanisation pavilion.

'Better City, Better Life' : 1st May to 31st October 2010.

[video v=DxxgI8Ks0Es start=108]

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