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Official racism. Reality is so very different from the ‘official’ / MSM narrative / fairy tale – DON’T MISS THIS !

Planning War On China part 40 (the encore). From now, all similar content will be on the new Geopolitics page, so do check that out and bookmark. Something Different, health, and psychology videos are likely to also move to their own pages. So we will still cover all these aspects of life, but have more time to focus on Chinese culture and China travel.


Official racism is a very important fact to consider, and because it is is based on propaganda, can be easily missed for what it really is. Yet once seen, it is all so clear.

Us and Them - is the sales pitch of supremacists and bomb companies. That is ALL it is.

There is no 'us and them'; that is just a scam to fool you into obedience / subservience / enslavement.

The real schism is that there are real / open-eyed people, and then there are the brainwashed / believers people. Simple as that.

Puppets at the top; puppets at the bottom.

One life, one world, one family.

One has love, or one does not. Real love doesn't have targets; real love is a light that shines in all directions.

Onto the video film ... With George Galloway in conversation with Jerry Grey ...

[video v=Kc7f4JKhwtk]   Plus more videos ...


Scenes from the Harbin 哈尔滨 Snow and Ice Festival

Runs to the end of February, weather permitting.

[video v=QJb2IXmMn3I]   Plus more videos ...



Christmas tree lighting, BeiJing 北京

Seasonal song and dance at the HaiDian Christian Church, north west Beijing ...

[video v=tVEg-8Dy_Vs start=9]

A beautiful performance at the NanJing 南京 Youth Olympics 2014

500 performers dancing in the sky ...

The poster thumbnail is blurred but the video is clear : )

[video v=8oqPR5-GLuA]

The Mid-autumn Festival Gala, 2014

With China Central TV (CCTV) ...

[video v=mAPpnBGLaOI]

Some scenes from ShangHai 上海 2014 …

[video v=Ce168DLZAUo]

The APEC 2014 Beijing Fireworks Gala 北京亚太会议烟火晚会

Great cultural performances plus a dazzling fireworks show at the Olympic Park ...

[video v=FsqNGiookQU start=80]

The Artistic World Gymnastics 2014, NanNing, GuangXi : Opening and team finals

  Plus more videos ...



ShangHai 上海, 2014

[video v=BNIgBZgW8MA]   Plus more videos ...



The Mid-Autumn Festival Gala on Hunan TV 2014

[video v=Ca2DFCGY1PE]   Plus more videos ...



The Great Wall of China Marathon 2014

1st May, near Beijing

[video v=TBlXsr_SrjA start=413]   Plus more videos ...



The CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2014

Video : China : The CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2014

The much-loved CCTV Chinese New Year's Gala (中国中央电视台春节联欢晚会) is a special yearly show produced by China Central Television that has a viewership of around 1 billion people.

New Year's Eve fireworks 2014, ShangHai 上海

Video : China : New Year's Eve fireworks 2014, ShangHai 上海

New Year's Eve firework display, 2014 : Hong Kong 香港

Video : China : New Year's Eve firework display, 2014 : Hong Kong 香港

Happy New Year ! The preview image of the 2nd video is blurred, but the video is sharp. Get a taste of being there in Victoria Harbor that night ...

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