Videos about 2014, China

Scenes from the Harbin 哈尔滨 Snow and Ice Festival

Runs to the end of February, weather permitting.

[video v=QJb2IXmMn3I]   Plus more videos ...



Christmas tree lighting, BeiJing 北京

Seasonal song and dance at the HaiDian Christian Church, north west Beijing ...

[video v=tVEg-8Dy_Vs start=9]

A beautiful performance at the NanJing 南京 Youth Olympics 2014

500 performers dancing in the sky ...

The poster thumbnail is blurred but the video is clear : )

[video v=8oqPR5-GLuA]

The Mid-autumn Festival Gala, 2014

With China Central TV (CCTV) ...

[video v=mAPpnBGLaOI]

Some scenes from ShangHai 上海 2014 …

[video v=Ce168DLZAUo]

The APEC 2014 Beijing Fireworks Gala 北京亚太会议烟火晚会

Great cultural performances plus a dazzling fireworks show at the Olympic Park ...

[video v=FsqNGiookQU start=80]

The Artistic World Gymnastics 2014, NanNing, GuangXi : Opening and team finals

  Plus more videos ...



ShangHai 上海, 2014

[video v=BNIgBZgW8MA]   Plus more videos ...



The Mid-Autumn Festival Gala on Hunan TV 2014

[video v=Ca2DFCGY1PE]   Plus more videos ...



The Great Wall of China Marathon 2014

1st May, near Beijing

[video v=TBlXsr_SrjA start=413]   Plus more videos ...



The CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2014

The much-loved CCTV Chinese New Year's Gala (中国中央电视台春节联欢晚会) is a special yearly show produced by China Central Television that has a viewership of around 1 billion people.

[video v=7pKHsPcQot4]

New Year's Eve fireworks 2014, ShangHai 上海

Video : China : New Year's Eve fireworks 2014, ShangHai 上海

New Year's Eve firework display, 2014 : Hong Kong 香港

Video : China : New Year's Eve firework display, 2014 : Hong Kong 香港

Happy New Year ! The preview image of the 2nd video is blurred, but the video is sharp. Get a taste of being there in Victoria Harbor that night ...

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