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ShangHai 上海 Special 2

The Bund | WaiTan | HuangPu River | PuXi & PuDong

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Pudong | Lujiazui Financial Zone | Oriental Pearl TV Tower

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IFC Mall

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ShangHai 上海 Special 1

PuDong CBD, LuJiaZui 浦東:陸家嘴

[video v=WFKC5-aE5LM start=10]

XinTianDi 新天地

[video v=vrclGoU8RUo start=10]

YuYuan 豫園

[video v=Nw_mN-9X_cs start=10]

NanJing Road 南京東

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TianZiFang 田子坊

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ShangHai 上海 – an aerial and historical guide

A fascinating look at the extraordinary history and transformation of ShangHai.

With China Central TV (CCTV). Narrated by Owen Grant.

[video v=iPdMOC0a3E4 start=1:29]

Bonus film - sailing along the HuangPu River at night, between the Bund in PuXi (west of the river) and PuDong (east of the river).

The most well known area of PuDong is the LuJiaZui finance and trade zone that includes the ShangHai Stock Exchange and many of ShangHai's highest buildings, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Jin Mao Tower, the ShangHai World Financial Center, and the ShangHai Tower. These modern skyscrapers directly face PuXi's historic Bund (meaning embankment), a remnant of former foreign concessions. PuDong also includes the Port of ShangHai, the ShangHai World Expo site and Century Park, ShangHai PuDong International Airport, the JiuDuanSha Wetland Nature Reserve, and the ShangHai Disney Resort. This 'New Area' has been established from almost nothing in just thirty years.

[video v=AxDKL3dYgds]

ShangHai 上海 scenes, day and night

Beautifully filmed by Niezwykly Swiat ...

[video v=pt42oQEaYkk][video v=L82aEZN7ZJA][video v=gjzvB7fdBf4][video v=JBpNrvEBO6Q][video v=lhfDN-dG3Qg][video v=ObTwzAX1fCE][video v=yi0uQ4A_PSw][video v=MiYswbD4MEc]

Let's also sneak in a little night time dance action ...

[video v=pNFiovYbHtY]

The beautiful Bund waterfront, ShangHai 上海

On the HuangPu River, facing PuDong, at the heart of ShangHai ...

[video v=1guYCFQcLpU start=15] [video v=WGnjpG_LZu8 start=1 stop=49]

Scenes from ShangHai 上海 2012 - video

Including NanXiang GuYi garden, PuDong, day view from the Bund, night view from the Bund, a beach on the coast not far from Shanghai ...

A trip to the Oriental Pearl Tower 东方珍珠塔, ShangHai

This beautiful TV tower, with hotel and public viewing platforms, lies in PuDong Park, LuJiaZui, ShangHai. The tower is close to the HuangPu river, on the opposite side from the Bund. It is 468m tall and opened in 1994.

Scenes from ShangHai 上海 2012 - video

YuYuan Garden, NanJing Road, the Bund and PuDong.

An evening cruise along the HuangPu river in ShangHai 上海

Within ShangHai, the HuangPu River has an average width of 400 meters and is crossed by many subway train lines, other tunnels, bridges and ferries. The river divides the city into two regions: PuDong to the east and PuXi (the older part of Shanghai that includes the Bund) to the west. It is the last major tributory of the YangTse River before the East China Sea.

252 meters above ShangHai 上海

At the Oriental Pearl Tower ...

Scenes in PuDong, ShangHai 上海

Across the HuangPu river from the Bund (PuXi).

Evening on the Bund : a panorama of ShangHai 上海

The beautiful city-scape of Shanghai at night ...

A visual guide to ShangHai 上海

A beautiful mix of video and stills ... Places featured include: ShangHai PuDong Airport, Magnetic Levitation Train - Maglev, the Bund, Bund sightseeing tunnel panorama, PuDong Financial District, Oriental Pearl Tower, WFC World Financial Center Tower, JinMao Tower, NanJing Road by night, World Financial Center Tower Observatory, night view of skyscrapers, Sky Arena 94th floor, People's Square, Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Museum, Jade Buddha Temple, LongHua Pagoda, YuYuan Market, Yu garden, Tea House, HongQiao railway station, bullet train.

ShangHai 上海 by day

Places include People's Square, Nanjing Road, the Bund, Pudong and more ...

ShangHai 上海 ferry ride : view of PuDong

The view of the modern PuDong skyline from a ferry boat cruise along the HuangPu River ...

Evening on the Bund in ShangHai - video

With views across the HuangPu river to PuDong, including the Pearl TV Tower ...

ShangHai 上海 at night : high view

The view across the HuangPu river towards PuDong

Evening on the Bund in ShangHai 上海 (2)

Watch the colorful boats sail along the HuangPu river in front of the PuDong skyline ...

Beside the HuangPu River in ShangHai 上海 - video

A 360 degree view on the PuDong side (with the Bund across the river) ...

Scenes of ShangHai 上海 at night

Including  the Bund, Pudong, XinTianDi, YuYuan Garden and the Huangpu River  ...

A trip to PuDong 浦东, ShangHai

Some great scenes in this film ...

MagLev train, ShangHai 上海 - video

From PuDong International Airport into central ShangHai. Trains reach 430 km/hr (270 mph) while being smooth and quiet.

The Oriental Pearl Tower, ShangHai - video

Situated close to the HuangPu River in PuDong, opposite The Bund. The tower contains shops, restaurants, hotel and viewing areas, and with a TV transmitter on the very top. The upper globe is 46 meters across. The highest viewing platform (known as the Space Module) is at 350 meters (1150 feet).

The Jin Mao Tower, ShangHai 上海

One of the features of the PuDong skyline, the tower has 88 floors. Close to LuJiaZui subway station.

Time-lapse scenes in ShangHai - video

Nanjing Road and PuDong.

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