Videos about Nanjing Road, China

A walk around ShangHai 上海

YuYuan Garden ...

[video v=Nw_mN-9X_cs start=12]

XinTianDi ...

[video v=vrclGoU8RUo start=12]

NanJing Road ...

[video v=ES5AgXBOLSE start=12]

The Bund (WaiTan) ...

[video v=aSAJ4wtUrqQ start=8]

Scenes from ShangHai 上海 2012

YuYuan Garden, NanJing Road, the Bund and PuDong.

[video v=ywsLXxgrVf4] [video v=MCVb7J71D-M] [video v=v-Qbyv-xl6s] [video v=u8shLK_Nk7M]

A visual guide to ShangHai 上海

A beautiful mix of video and stills ...

[video v=YeSzeBthgqo]

Places featured include: ShangHai PuDong Airport, Magnetic Levitation Train - Maglev, the Bund, Bund sightseeing tunnel panorama, PuDong Financial District, Oriental Pearl Tower, WFC World Financial Center Tower, JinMao Tower, NanJing Road by night, World Financial Center Tower Observatory, night view of skyscrapers, Sky Arena 94th floor, People's Square, Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Museum, Jade Buddha Temple, LongHua Pagoda, YuYuan Market, Yu garden, Tea House, HongQiao railway station, bullet train.


ShangHai 上海 by day

Places include People's Square, Nanjing Road, the Bund, Pudong and more ...

[video v=9NNcvsJKecA start=32]

ShangHai 上海 night-time scenes (6)

Includes Nanjing Road pedestrianised shopping street and a cruise along the HuangPu River ...

[video v=gk2hy5xqmtw start=133] [video v=0yTESqP7p30]

ShangHai 上海 Neon (2) - video

Along the NanJing Road (NanJing Lu) ...

Central ShangHai 上海 - video

Mostly NanJing Road ...

Time-lapse scenes in ShangHai - video

Nanjing Road and PuDong.

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