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ONE country, two systems

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Speaking the truth about Hong Kong

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The sickening violence of the HK rioters / terrorists

WARNING - graphic.

The real, deeply ugly face of the hysterical, baying mob of rioters behind their masks.

Just one example ...

[video v=RFwGqF3QlVc]

Hong Kong riots – violent thugs try to intimidate the majority but the truth cannot be crushed

Brave voices speak out despite the chilling, silencing fear of firebombs and steel pipes of the foreign-backed subversive destroyers.

Fascist colonialism re-branded as 'freedom and democracy'; in reality, everything but.

The rioters are either imports or dupes. Either way, probably best called terrorists, because terror is their mode of action.

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Hong Kong riots – how one HK cafe is a beacon of courage, and thereby hope, amidst the violence and hate

An inspiration to us all ...

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Hong Kong riots – how the HK youth are indoctrinated to hate China

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What, and who, lies behind the Hong Kong riots ?

[video v=GQd3N2ImyyM start=23 stop=13:15]   Plus more videos ...



New York Times’ Hong Kong Propaganda

Apart from a very few fair and independent news outlets, such as and (though both these have some BS now and then), this is true of all MSM in the West.

Nathan Rich breaks it down ...

[video v=zMm_7jb3Cds]

Hong Kong riots – foreign hands

What started supposedly as a protest over a mundane and non-controversial bill (now long abandoned) that would only truly concern serious criminals, HK is now gripped by violence. But would real protesters seek to destroy their own city and its international reputation, even targeting tourists, and raise foreign flags ?

It is very clear that there is much more to it, and the non-violent 'protestors' are being used.

All the cancelled flights will have lost millions of dollars. But the long-term losses are far greater - it might take 10 years for the city to recover, or, put another way, it might well never really regain what it could have been.

These riots are not in the interests of HK; they are in the interests of external powers.

[video v=149FdzhKHg8]   Plus more videos ...



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