Fat Fiction – the tragedy of the fat is bad lie (carb.s are the addictive evil)

Though some are bad - the highly processed 'healthy' polyunsaturate oils; much better to avoid these completely and use butter / ghee, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.

How we arrived at the obesity and diabetes epidemic ...


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The beautiful YuLong River 遇龙河, YangShuo to Guilin
The YuLong River, YùLóng Hé, starts in YangShuo County near Litang and flows for over 35 kilometers (22 miles) to the Li River near the town of Ping Le; GuangXi province. The YuLong River is relatively shallow at around 5 meters (16 feet) maximum depth and is an average of 25 meters (82 feet) across. Unlike the deeper Li River, it has no motorized boat traffic and bamboo rafts, paddle boats and swimming are popular. The bamboo raft journey begins at the YuLong Bridge, which is 400 years old. Hiking and biking are also popular as there are many quaint villages along the river, some offering bed and breakfast accommodation. The YuLong River Valley is very fertile, and its low-lying terrain is excellent for rice fields. In recent years, farmers have also planted more cash crops such as pomelos, tangerines and mandarin oranges.
The pineapple and tomato in Chinese cooking
With Wild Girl ...
Meet me in ShangHai 上海
A mini drama ...
A boat ride along the beautiful Li River 漓江
Between GuiLin and YangShuo, GuangXi province.
Beautiful GuiLin 桂林 countryside drive
A late afternoon trip through the famous karst peaks, plus views of the Li River at sunset. GuangXi province.
Collaborative architecture leading to a better life
Small office, home office (SOHO); but with friends and colleagues. GuangZhou, GuangDong province ... BeiJing hutongs ...
Beautiful WuYuan, JiangXi province
WuYuan, known as the "most beautiful countryside in China", with at least 50 old villages, is located in the northeast of JiangXi province, and near Mount HuangShan and JingDeZhen. With Walk East ... Max (Walk East) : Wuyuan is home to a few of the well-preserved ancient architecture in China. Each of those ancient structures has a unique appearance as well as structure. They emerge from among the emerald green mountains and trees, clear rivers along with the crisscrossing paths between the fields. Those structures were built in 740 during the Tang Dynasty; its remoteness and inconvenient transportation protecting its villages' beauty from a large amount of tourists. Local people there can enjoy the pure, clean brooks, seemingly delicate wooden buildings, unique bridges as well as the tranquil lifestyle, etc... This village has turned into a ecological, cultural as well as tourist demonstration center of China. The ancient Architectural complexes,caves, blue water, trees as well as rural sceneries; all these form a typical Chinese countryside scene Wuyuan has become a well known town in the world features in famous Huizhou local culture as well as charming idyllic scenery. Beijing Opera, Hui Opera, the Luo Dance known as the "Dance Live Fossil" as well as the charming tea performance, all these make Wuyuan fascinating tourism destination. 【Likeng Village】 Likeng Village is a cluster of houses constructed along a brook. It is said to be the most scenically beautiful village in the town. The brook is two to three meters wide spanned at different points by makeshift bridges. A rolling stream through the village lived by 260 peasant households along with ancient buildings with its pink walls, black tiles as well as beautiful girls who are washing laundry reflecting from the stream look like a natural scenery. 【Visit Local Ancient Village in Hui-style】 Wuyuan is the birthplace of the Huizhou culture. Villages around are must go, and you will be attracted by the quiet and simple countryside life there. noticeable Huizhou-style architecture can be found in these old villages, such as, arches, stone tablets, stone bridges, ancient stages, etc. Wuyuan is a county in northeastern Jiangxi province. It is renowned for its beautiful countryside and well-preserved ancient Huizhou villages and architecture. Many of the buildings and villages date from the Tang dynasty and have been protected by the county’s remoteness and relatively inconvenient transportation. Highlights and Travel Tips The area is famous for the fields of yellow rapeseed flowers that surround the villages in March and April, which are among the most beautiful in China and will delight photographers. One of the best places to see the flowers is hills surrounding the village of Jiangling. Popular villages and sights around the county include Likeng Village, Mount Dazhang (a beautiful area filled with soaring mountains and crashing waterfalls that is as yet undiscovered by tourism), Rainbow Bridge (a covered bridge), and Jiangling Village.
How BRICS and BRI are changing the world, with Hussein Askary
With Hussein Askary and The Geopolitics In Conflict Show ...
Zi De GuQin Studio – Chinese ancient music
Zide guqin Studio was set up in 2014, it is a creative and versatile team gather the 80s and 90s young artist. Our goal is to promote the excellent traditional culture of Guqin by holding up concerts, making speeches, teaching online, and so on. Since 2017, as the concept of rigorous and scientific teaching methods, Zide has made excellent courses for global guqin lovers in the most economical and convenient way. At present, Zide has served thousands of students from all over the world including the United States, Japan, Australia, and other countries. On the other hand, we have successfully held a series of performances in many countries. The Tianzhen Zide Concert Series is the most popular. All of our videos are produced independently, we sincerely wish the art of Guqin can get into people's lives, and bring peace and happiness. ‘A Ballad in the Moonlight’ - the Story of a Cat Elf on an ancient DunHuang mural ... Sun Quan, the Emperor - rock style, with electric GuQin ... Legend of the Journey to the West 青春同路相伴 一生所爱无悔 ... 'Birdsong in hollow valley', court music style宫廷雅乐风 宋代装束 秦时明月 ... “Daxia2049“- 2021 Zide New Year Concert (live) ... Take you on a magical journey - ShaHaiQiXiaZhi (ZiDe new music) ...
The deep state and more …
With Redacted and Whitney Webb. Who is really the string puller in the West, and what are they up to. The plan for neo-feudalism ...
Simple Chinese language phrases to enhance your China trip (pinyin and pronunciation)
PinYin - English : pronunciation. Nǐ Hǎo - Hello / Hi (literally, you good? / how are you?) : nee how Zài Jiàn - Goodbye / bye : z~eye jee~ann *** XièXiè - : Thanks : she~air she~air (second is a little softer/quieter) XièXiè Nǐ ! - Thank you! : she~air she~air nee! *** DuìBuQǐ - Excuse me / sorry : der boo chee BúKèQì - You're welcome : boo ker chee Qǐng - Please : ching Mei / MeiHǎo - Beautiful : may *** DuWei - That's right : doo~way (uickly, and often said twice) *** Wǒ - I / me : woh Nǐ - You : nee Tā - He / she : tah *** Wǒ Yào - I want / would like I would like one of these : Wǒ yào Yī ge Zhè ge (woh yow ee guh jay guh) *** ZhèGe - This : jay guh NàGe - That : nay guh *** Yī Ge - One : ee guh Lian Ge - Two : lee~ann guh (Two as a simple number is Er, pronounced 'are') Sān Ge - Three : san guh *** Duō Shǎo Qián? - How much? : doo~or sh~ow[l] chee~ann? Tài Guì Le! - too expensive! : tie gwee ler! *** Hǎo De - ok : how der Hěn Hǎo - Good : hen how Bù Hǎo - Not good : boo how *** ShénMe? - When? : shen mer NǎLi? - Where : nah lee? Nǎr - There (gesturing) : nah *** Xiao - Small : sh~ow[l] Da - Big : dah Tai - Too : tie *** Bin De - Ice-cold : bin der Lian De - Cold : lee~ann der *** La - Spicy : lah Bu La - not spicy : boo lah Xiao La - a little spicy : shee~ow[l] lah Da La - Very spicy : dah lah Tai La! - too spicy! : tie lah! *** Noodles - Miàn : mee~ann Dumplings - Jiǎozi : jee~ow[l] zuh Rice - MiFàn / Fàn : mee fan / fan Eggs - JīDàn : jee dan Beef - NiúRòu : nee~you row Lamb - YángRòu : yang row Chicken - JīRòu : jee row Tofu - DòuFu : doh foo (See BeijingBuzzz's food cheat sheet for much more) *** ZhōngGuó - China : jong goo~woh YīngGuó - England : ying goo~woh MěiGuó - America : may goo~woh ZhōngWén - Chinese nationality : jong ren YīngWén - English nationality : ying ren *** Hótel - Hotel FànDiàn - Hotel / Restaurant : fan dee~ann Wǒ Bù ZhīDào - I don't know : woh boo juh~dow Tīng Bù Dǒng - I don't understand : ting boo dong ZhèGe Duōshǎo Qián? / DuōShǎo Qián? - How much is this? : doo~or sh~ow[l} chee~ann? - Too expensive! : tie-gwee lah! Wo Yao ... - I would like ... : woh yow ... Wǒ Yào ZhèGe - I want this one : woh yow jay~guh *** BúShì - No : boo shh ShìDe - Yes : Shh der MéiYǒu - none / out of stock : may~oh *** Wǒ ài ... - I love ... : woh eye ... - I love this! : woh eye jay-guh! Wǒ ài ZhōngGuó - I love China *** Hǎo Chī - Delicious (literally good eat) : how ch Bú Hǎo Chī - Not tasty : boo how ch *** Wǒ Bù LiǎoJiě - I don't understand : woh boo lee~ow[l]~jee~air *** Wǒ Xiǎng ... - I would like ... : woh shee~ang ... Wǒ Xiǎng Chī ... - I would like to eat ... : woh she~ang ch *** Bei - North : bay Nan - South : nan Xi - West : shee Dong - East : dong *** DìTiě - Subway train : dee tee~air Dìtiě nali ma? - Where is the subway? : dee tee~air nah~lee ma Zhan - Train station : zahn Men - gate : men Yuan / kwai - rmb (currency) : yoo~ann / kw~eye Gong yuan - Park : gong yoo~ann *** KāFēi - Coffee : kah fay Chá - Tea : chah kěLè - Cola : ker ler PiJiou - Beer : pee jee~oh Shui - Water : shway Wo yao liang ge pijiou liande - I would like two cold beers : woh yow[l] lee~ann guh pee jee~oh lee~ann der *** Jia Yo! - Let's go! / Go! (encouraging) : jee~ah yoh! Wǒ Bù Shuō Hànyǔ / ZhōngWén - I don't speak Chinese (huh?!) Or simply Bù ZhōngWén : boo jong wen *** Numbers are easy (there are finger position numbers too, but that's not so easy) : 1 - Yī : ee 2 - Èr : are 3 - Sān : san 4 - Sì : si (the sound is the first half of 'soot') (short sound) 5 - Wǔ : woo~oh 6 - Liù : lee~oo 7 - Qī : chee 8 - Bā : bah 9 - Jiǔ : jee~oo 10 - Shí : shhh (longer sound) Example of 11 - 99 : 73 - Qi Shí Sān (7x10) + 3 : chee shhh san (7 10 3) 70 - Qi Shí (7x10) : chee shhh (7 10) 100 - Bǎi : buy Example of 101 - 999 : 357 - Sān Bǎi Wǔ Shí Qī (3x100 + 5x10 + 7) : san buy woo~oh shhh chee (3 100 5 10 7) 300 - Sān Bǎi (3x100) : san buy (3 100) *** Cheers! - GānBēi! : gan bey!
George Galloway on the Hong Kong riots

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