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KunMing 昆明, provincial capital of YunNan

Starting with a beautiful timelapse ...

Followed by a look around the city, including Green Lake.

[video v=Xfj0v7lN1dc]
[video v=GwQBrZlR7JA]

Surprise concert at Hong Kong 香港 International Airport :)

A festive flash mob, December 2013.

300 flight attendants, airport staff and even pilots from airline Cathay Pacific stepped forward for this song and dance spectacular ...


[video v=A29acor9_AY]

A walk through Hong Kong 香港 International airport

Terminal 1.

[video v=G3ecXdCwzsk]

Beijing Capital Airport

A quick view :

[video v=FEl_Cel85NE]

A more detailed look at the new (2008) Terminal 3, the first building in the world to cover more than one million square meters :

[video v=XagUx07g7gg]

The train service to Beijing Capital Airport

From Beijing International Airport terminals to DongZhiMen subway station (line 2) on the second ring road, north east corner. The journey is 28km.

[video v=wRqZK7laeTg]

There are 5 coach routes into and around Beijing too, that stop at a number of large hotels.

Taxis are also available at the airport that can take the Airport Expressway.


Beijing scenes (11) - video

MagLev train, ShangHai 上海 - video

From PuDong International Airport into central ShangHai. Trains reach 430 km/hr (270 mph) while being smooth and quiet.

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