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The overnight sleeper train – BeiJing to Xi’An
Cycling through ShangHai 上海
A Flickr meet-up ...
Exploring BeiJing 北京
Beautifully filmed in 2012 ...
FenJieZhou Island 分界洲, HaiNan province
South China
The amazing ShenZhen 深圳 40th anniversary lights show
Sailing into Hong Kong 香港
And night-time departure ...
An introduction to the Chinese language for visitors
With HowToChinese and Fluenz ...
Beautiful scenes at HuangShan 黄山
The Yellow Mountain in AnHui province ...
Li River 漓江 boat trip : Guilin to YangShuo; GuangXi province
A drive around YunNan province
Plus drone footage ...
ShangHai 上海 by night (3)
Filmed in the winter of 2011 / 2012.
The beautiful ancient water town of WuZhen 乌镇
WuZhen, 乌镇, lies not far from ShangHai, where this film starts, and also HangZhou and SuZhou, in ZheJiang province (on the east coast, south of ShangHai)).

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