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Surfing, HaiNan 海南 island, south China

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School trip, ice festival, teaching english, beer, surfing, diabolo, fashion, coaster, modern dance – short films

* West Lake boat trip, HangZhou
* Beijing trip
* Tian'AnMen, Beijing
* School trip to China
* The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
* Teaching english in SuZhou
* Beijing Craft Beer Festival
* Surfing in Hainan
* Diabolo in Shanghai
* Small-scale, expat fashion-related businesses in Beijing
* Dragon Coaster, Ocean Park, Hong Kong
* 'Hamlet' - Beijing Dance Theater

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Surfing at WanNing, HaiNan 海南 island

[video v=M7jK2Jf9zmU]
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International Surfing Festival, HaiNan 海南

RiYue Bay, WanNing, 2012.

[video v=Ouxd8Xz1DSQ]

Kite Surfing in XiaMen 厦门

XiaMen is a port city in FuJian province, east China.

It is widely regarded as a pleasant city, with fine beaches.

This film looks at the KiteBoard Tour of Asia in 2009; first stop in XiaMen.

[video v=mETKR-sroLU]

Surfing around HaiNan 海南 island

A look at surfing, kite surfing and roller-blading around HaiNan Island, the southern-most province of China.

[video v=MCRSHTKA1RI start=47]

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