A trip to HaiNan 海南 tropical paradise island province

HaiNan ('South Sea') island is the southern-most part of China.

HaiNan map

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With The New Atlas ... Meanwhile ... BBC - after each Olympic video shows a 'Hate will not win" message (relating to endemic racism in the UK). WHY then, are they endlessly promoting hatred of China ? WHY the incessant stories denigrating China right up to the eve of the opening (and doubtless throughout) ? 2008 - BBC says that the the one and a half lines of subway added for the summer Olympics was simply 'white elephant propaganda show-boating'; YET, now BeiJing has added a further some 20 lines of subway (as was always the plan) to become the world's largest subway metro system. And still the lies go on and on and on. A disgrace to humanity. At least, now that the hype is so obvious, more and more can see it for what it really is. Time for this relic of empire to be scrapped. But don't expect "fight for your right, to paaaartyyy" to change anything; or the fake 'opposition'; the elite all know that it is essential in a propaganda war (even if just as a distraction).
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