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Family adventure trip to China 中国

Off the beaten track ... featuring sand-dunes, an amazing salt lake, and much more.

Beautiful - don't miss it ...

[video v=KhHJZti-T2E]

Adventures in Hong Kong 香港

[video v=uGpk3GiFyPM]

Hiking adventures in China 中国

Places include HuaShan mountain, wild Great Wall, ZhangJiaJie (WuLingYuan National Forest Park) and the YuanYang rice terraces ...

[video v=ZDxjgXGwJoU]

Great Wall 长城 adventures

Widescreen remix ...

[video v=afBQCkWGi6Q]

HuaShan 华山 adventure

ShaanXi province.

Filmed in spring 2013 ...

[video v=wvvAvhxIwvE start=16]

A motorbike trip into west China 中国

From the Himalayas to the Gobi Desert ...

[video v=8aDhHVLWTP0 start=2:12]

YangShuo 阳朔 – ‘my kind of adventure’

GuangXi province ...

[video v=y8Pv06vJPWA]

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