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Soup dumplings for the Lantern Festival 元宵节

Naturally colored glutinous rice.

[video v=TXOoG5Cp8qk]

GuiLin 桂林 – beautiful rivers and terraced rice fields

GuiLin, the Li and YuLong rivers, Elephant Trunk Hill, Ping'An village, and the rice terraces of LongSheng and LongJi, GuangXi province ...

[video v=Bvlxzcgrn0g]   Plus more videos ...



Hiking around LongJi rice terraces, GuangXi province

Beautiful countryside and ancient rural villages.

LongJi is part of the LongSheng rice terraces area. It lies about 110km north of Guilin.

[video v=lrLAj-nX95c]

The LongJi hillside rice terraces

About 100km from Guilin in GuangXi province.

[video v=mKgjj9rG9Pk]

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