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Cycling the Karakoram Highway, from Kashgar to the Pakistan border

There are beautiful mountains, lakes and grasslands along one of the world's highest modern roads - XinJiang province ...

[video v=Mtl5V0-UlCA]

Cycling and bamboo rafting near YangShuo 阳朔, GuangXi province

[video v=vaRjuNhmw9w]   Plus more videos ...



A week in and around YangShuo 阳朔

GuangXi province.

Including the LongJi rice terraces.

[video v=DC3Ycm0kMHw]

YangShuo 阳朔 ! GuangXi province

This beautiful film shows the Li River, YuLong River, bamboo rafting and cruise, plus cycling and hot-air balooning. Plus a few scenes from the outdoor performance Impressions Liu San Jie.

15 minutes in paradise ...

[video v=uXsNC1_gbcY]

Cycling in GuangXi 广西 province

Among the beautiful karst hills between HeZhou 贺州 and YangShuo 阳朔 ...

[video v=0aadezZsczY]

Cycling through ShangHai 上海

A Flickr meet-up ...

[video v=Q8IJSYMZdSY]

Cycling and bamboo rafting along the beautiful Li River 漓江

Near YangShuo, GuangXi province.

[video v=r9oju71Rsfk start=3]

A trip to GuiLin 桂林 and YangShuo 阳朔, GuangXi province

A lovely film.

Includes bamboo rafting on the Li River, hot-air ballooning, cycling through the countryside, hiking at the LongSheng rice terraces and the evening show Impressions of YangShuo, set on the water.

[video v=j31Q-iaDuxI start=27]

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