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Hong Kong White Rose exhibition space 香港白色玫瑰展示塲地

In February 2016, 25,000 white roses, actually LED lights, were installed in the Central Promenade and Tamar Park area of Hong Kong's business district, for both Valentine's day and the Lantern Festival, part of the Chinese New Year period. Beautiful ...

[video v=-aDnBoq6DKs]

Plus, views of Hong Kong's skyline ...

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China launches first female space taikonaut 神州九号 on ShenZhou 9

Hooray for 33 year old Major Liu Yang and her space buddies Colonel Jing HaiPeng and Major Liu Wang.

I love my fatherland whose vision is that women can hold up half of the heavens: 妇女能顶半边天 (a famous quote by Chairman Mao ZeDong), and our space program would be incomplete without the female crewmembers. Of course men hold up the other half ^.^ We will perservere and focus on our national mission to serve the future hope and progress of our people, and share our achievements with all the good people of the world.


[video v=h9DDnRRgtQ4]

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