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Hong Kong 香港 coastal hike – the other / wild side of HK …

[video v=FtAH_XjhLb0]

Bonus film - big city Hong Kong trip ...

[video v=pE98p8-70KY]

Wild Great Wall : JianKou 箭扣 to MuTianYu 慕田峪

An hour or so north of Beijing.

[video v=O7dywhPHUiE start=237 stop=338]

Wild Hong Kong 香港

Only about 10% of Hong Kong is developed land and there is lots of natural beauty to be explored, with many good hiking trails.

[video v=z4B3F7unTCQ]

Hiking adventures in China 中国

Places include HuaShan mountain, wild Great Wall, ZhangJiaJie (WuLingYuan National Forest Park) and the YuanYang rice terraces ...

[video v=ZDxjgXGwJoU]

Hiking the wild Great Wall 长城

Near Beijing.

Scenic outdoor adventures for the intrepid ...

[video v=n90pSGA9TkM start=205] [video v=Cl5WX99KJP8]

Wild Great Wall 长城 near BeiJing

From ShiXiaGuan towards BaDaLing ...

The beautiful JianKou 箭扣 Great Wall, BeiJing - video

Filmed in 2011 ...

Hiking along the Great Wall 长城 near BeiJing

First video is the JinShanLing section; the second is 'wild wall' at the 'Beijing Knot', part of JianKou.

The musical fountain at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'An 西安

ShaanXi province Filmed by stellaxhyu

A five-day hike along the wild Great Wall 长城

A trek along the beautiful 'wild wall' near BeiJing ...

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