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NanJing 南京 from above

NanJing ('South Capital') is the provincial capital of JiangSu.

[video v=3rZwfDmG3K8 start=1:15]

NanJing trip ...

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Fun trip to HaiNan 海南 and YunNan 云南 provinces

University exchange to SanYa University 三亚 大学 (SānYà DàXué), HaiNan, plus a trip to south YunNan ...

[video v=MWTapjEK8n4]

XiaMen 厦门 FuJian province

[video v=I9ZsvhDDok4]

As a former treaty port, XiaMen has some colonial architecture.

As part of China's Opening Up Policy in the early 1980s under Deng XiaoPing, XiaMen became one of the four original special economic zones opened to foreign investment and trade.

XiaMen is well-regarded as a pleasant city.

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‘Our first month in HaiNan 海南 (paradise)’ …

Studying in HaiKou 海口, the capital of the island province.

[video v=UR47Z6ieDJA]

A glimpse of the China studies program at XiaMen 厦门 University

Beautiful city, lovely beach, great campus ...

[video v=bDo6ZipiKY4]

Study Abroad trip to ShangHai 上海

[video v=Mi2pUzGKLes]

The BeijingBuzzz video awards 2011 – special mention 2

StudyAbroadUSAC - Study Abroad, in ChengDu and ShangHai

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Studying in ShangHai 上海 (2)

Students' experiences ...

[video v=wiDRz2Y7PD4]

Study abroad : in ChengDu 成都

SiChuan province in south-west China ...

[video v=KDEhYJ4CZv4]

Study Abroad : student experiences

[video v=KdBvuO0MX2Y]

Dancing around China 中国 (2) - video

Video : China : Dancing around China 中国 (2) - video

24 teens travel to Beijing, Ya'An, Xi'An, ChengDu, YangShuo, Guilin and Shanghai ...

Dancing around China 中国 (1)

Video : China : Dancing around China 中国 (1)

A 5 day trip travelling to YunNan in South China. Through KunMing and LiJiang to hike the beautiful Tiger Leaping Gorge ... Tiger Leaping Gorge is a deep valley (canyon) on the YangTze River, located 60 kilometers north of LiJiang.

Study abroad, BeiJing 北京

Video : China : Study abroad, BeiJing 北京

Summer in BeiJing 北京 (2) - video

Video : China : Summer in BeiJing 北京 (2) - video

A nicely compiled video; charming and shows quite a lot of Beijing too ... A group of students study and travel in Beijing (May - July '09); at Beijing Normal University (LiYun apartotel - I've stayed there too :) Part 2 : A different group staying at ZheJiang University (HangZhou and ShangHai area) :

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