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Silk Road of the Sea – a great stage performance

A stunning performance from the Opening Gala of the Asian Games 2010 in GuangZhou.

GuangZhou has been a major port for over 1,000 years and gateway to the Silk Road of the Sea.

[video v=1CDjEp202p4 start=30][video v=G-tAm262Gzg start=65][video v=8vVLN6_NFT8]

The BTV Spring Festival Gala, 2010

Flashback to the Beijing TV International Gala.

Jane Zhang, and Lara Fabian with Laure Shang (WenJie).

[video v=2iBXxBWMzy0] [video v=jwqP8AxRAX8 start=45]

Memories of the ShangHai 上海 World Expo 9

The Shanghai World Expo Opening Ceremony (May 1st, 2010).

A beautiful song from the concert, with Sun ZuYing and featuring Jackie Chan, and the awesome fireworks finale to the music of Puccini's Turandot ...

[video v=SaqHMWqM0bA start=333 stop=635]
[video v=_1DBfe-zBzE start=400]

Memories of the ShangHai 上海 World Expo 2010 (8)

1. Shanghai pavilion 2. State Grid (light show) 3. Russia 4. Asia and Americas 5. Europe 6. Europe and Africa 7. Human Footprint (history and ecology) 8. Food Street 9,10,11 Dance and music (including Tunisia, XinJiang and Inner Mongolia) 12. China pavilion and overview

[video v=hopCE1OcmHA] [video v=MA7DglEzzJg] [video v=Di4lbgu_m9w] [video v=WW_kP4CpX_c] [video v=QkLAwL8W_ik] [video v=ikhxDoicDSQ] [video v=TxYvockhjc4] [video v=C_2YZkmJVAA] [video v=bbcPcEXJRFk] [video v=8EOfgKQkX-E] [video v=Z0bJSN1yLOE] [video v=DxxgI8Ks0Es]

Memories of the ShangHai 上海 World Expo (7)


[video v=Qp4rM6VFtlo]

The 2010 Asian Games closing gala - best songs

A selection of beautiful performances from the 16th Asian Games held in GuangZhou, provincial capital of GuangDong ... Sing Sing So - Indonesia Mongolia Sakura - Japan Yue Guang Guang - China Kazakhstan Happy Journey Mongani by Gupta Tanya & Ravi Tripathi Sunshine Again

The ShangHai 上海 World Expo farewell concert

September 31st, 2010.

Incredible acrobatics - video

From the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, 2010.

Memories of the ShangHai 上海 World Expo (4)

'Better City - Better Life'.

Kiteboarding in HaiNan 海南

The KTA (KiteBoarding Tour of Asia) at Hainan Island, 2010

Memories of the ShangHai 上海 World Expo 2010 (1)

May 1st - October 31st, 2010.

Memories of the ShangHai 上海 World Expo (2)

May 1st - October 31st 2010. Note that the interlude in the middle is not the end of the film ;)

ShangHai 上海 World Expo, Closing Ceremony

Excerpts of the closing ceremony, October 1st 2010 ...

A view of the ShangHai 上海 World Expo - video

From a high vantage point. 'Better City, Better Life' : May 1st to October 31st 2010.

The 'AliFest 2010' in HangZhou - video

A conference organised by Alibaba. This interesting film is about a group of student entrepreneurs from the Kairos Society who are attending the this global summit to connect with small business operators from around the world, and to learn from leaders in international trade.

Evening at the Bund in ShangHai 上海 2010 - video

The World Choir Games 2010 in ShaoXing 绍兴

20,000 singers, 400 choirs, 90 nations ...

Artistry on Ice, BeiJing 北京

Turandot by Xue Shen and HongBo Zhao. The figure skating gala was held on September 4th. The Chinese skating pair married the same day. The second film shows Pang Qing and Tong Jian skating to the Impossible Dream.

ShangHai 上海 World Expo scenes : fountains and drums

The first film shows the musical fountains set in the HuangPu river. The second film shows a drumming performance in the South Korean pavilion.

ShangHai 上海 World Expo introduction

A film by the China National Tourism Administration.

Chinese New Year fireworks, Hong Kong 香港

Victoria Harbor.

The spectacular ShangHai 上海 World Expo

'Better City, Better Life'. May 1st to October 31st, 2010.

The 2010 World Choir Games, ShaoXing 绍兴

July 15th to 26th in ShaoXing. More than 470 choirs from more than 80 nations took part in the event. The second film looks at the event held in XiaMen in 2006.

A look back at the ShangHai 上海 World Expo

Including various pavilions and some time-lapse ...

A visit to the ShangHai 上海 World Expo (3)

Including the China Pavilion ...

Dance performances at the ShangHai 上海 World Expo - video

A sample of the various dances that take place each day at the World Expo 2010, both indoors and out ... The great band in the first video is from Morocco.

The Great Wall 长城 Marathon, 2010 - course walk

This year the Great Wall Marathon was held on May 15th at the HuangYaGuan section. Prior to the race, the competitors have a chance to walk along the course, and take souvenir pictures and video ...

The International Green Expo 2010, QingDao - video

The international expo focused on green technologies will be held in QingDao, ShanDong province July 3rd to July 5th. The biennial green tech expo has been held in China since 2004. This year the expo will focus on technologies conducive to the development of pollution-free buses, organic food, low-radiation electronic products, and environment-friendly building materials.

World Expo 2010, ShangHai 上海

"Better City - Better Life" May 1st to October 31st, 2011. ShangHai, China.

Karate Kid : movie trailer - video

With Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. In cinemas this summer (2010).

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