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BeiJing 北京 Dance Theater

Contemporary ballet.

The second film shows the performance 'Golden Lotus'.

[video v=KTPnHygSmzo]   Plus more videos ...



Tang Dynasty music and dance show, Xi’An 西安

ShaanXi province.

[video v=JuYjsFor6gU]

TianQiao acrobatics performance, BeiJing 北京

At the TianQiao Acrobatic Theater in BeiJing.

This performer shows incredible strength and balance.

[video v=o_K3hMgjp7U]

Music and dance at the Summer Palace, BeiJing 北京

Two excerpts from one of the frequent free performances at the three-tier, open-stage theater (Grand Stage) by the Garden of Harmonious Interests :

[video v=KZ8bhY4MIig]
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Acrobatics Show at the ChaoYang Theatre

Shows here start at 7pm, like most other theatres in Beijing, so leave plenty of time for your journey as you're likely to catch the tail end of rush-hour.

Quickly buying our tickets we entered just as the show began and were ushered to the front row, so a good view was assured. The soundtrack here is really wonderful, modern and thrilling, loud but not harsh. And the gymnasts were predictably stunning, with some nice showman-like touches thrown in for good measure.


A show that certainly leaves you wanting more - and more than a little inspired at what dedication can achieve ...



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